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The Spanish Program at Saint Luke School is geared to grades 2nd through 8th.  The program for our Junior High students will help them reach a level of proficiency in preparation for high school.  The program is designed to introduce the students to the Spanish language as well as the Hispanic cultures of the world.  Classes are cohesive; combining proper pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and verb conjugation, which are necessary components of an authentic language experience.  In conjunction with this, the students will receive instruction in accordance to the Pimsleur approach to authentic conversational Spanish.  Our program provides students with the fundamentals of necessary, real-world proficiency in conversational Spanish.  Assessments are given on a regular basis and are based on written and verbal skills. Exploration into Hispanic cultures includes a taste of Hispanic cuisines and exposure to various types of Hispanic and Latin music.

The philosophy at Saint Luke School is to expose our students to the ever growing global society in which we live. Our Spanish Program is just one component of such exposure. Learning a foreign language fosters a sense of self confidence and accomplishment.  Research has documented that students who learn a foreign language achieve greater mastery in literacy.

Contact, concerns, or questions please do not hesistate to reach me via email at Mrs. Vargas at

Extra Help: Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45-8:00AM. By invitation only.


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