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Grades Pre-Kindergarten through Third:

Parents, please stay tuned to our school's online posting of all school work which, for library and music, will also be mirrored and further detailed with library lessons, materials and resources that are sent directly to you via the Parent Alert text system. Any imminent updates will be sent directly to Parent Alert, posted on class pages (including this page). Please collect all completed work in your child's homework folder. All work will be collected and graded when we return... On a personal note, I am ALWAYS available to answer questions and communicate via my school e-mail address I also welcome any student, with parent permission and guidance, who wishes to check in, to use the school e-mail if any personal need, fear or concern arises (student or parent). I undertsand this can be a very scary time for our little ones and our aim is to comfort, teach and transition us all to remote learning as seemlessly as possible. We are all here to help! Please stay safe XOXO and God bless...


Grades 4-8

Students in grades 4-8 are all required to check into their respective Google Classrooms for library and music twice a week. Students should check in on those days they would normally have those specials in school. (Grades 6-8, you may have noticed that our Google Classroom is shared with Ms. Jones and Art, so the same rules apply to that subject as well). Library and music work will be clearly designated and instructions will be displayed within the post. Weekly classwork and assignments, as well as helpful and/or interesting materials, links and resources, will be posted throughout our time in remote learning. This forum allows students and teachers to communicate directly. I welcome any correspondance, concern or question in our classrooms, public or private comments are both possible. In addition, my school e-mail is for any student or parent that needs to communicate in real time or on a personal basis. Again, on a personal note, we are all here to help, please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything, school related or otherwise, we are a  family now and always! God bless us all. 



"To have faith is to have wings."

-Peter Pan


Recently, the School Library underwent a huge transformation.  It is now, once again, restored to a vibrant learning space filled with up to date reading materials and technology.  A SmartBoard has been donated as well as a class set of Kindles for use by the students.  Over 10,000 books have been logged into the Destiny-Follett library system (instructions to view our catalog can be found below).  All students in the school have had library accounts created for them and are permitted to take books out of the Library. 


New for the 2019-2020 school year, our library now boasts a comfortable reading section that the children love to relax in. In addition, we now also have our mobile technology cart where our Kindles can be found along with our new Listening Center, and computer for student research. We hope that the library can be host to responsible exposure to wonderful learning materials. In addition, all students are encouraged to pursue their own interests when choosing their personal book selections and are guided to stay within their current reading level. It is with great hope and enthusiasm that all of our students come to love the library.



Our library is intended to be an asset to all of our students and teachers. This year we will be proudly introducing all of our students to the concept of S.T.E.A.M. This incorporates the areas subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math into our library. Children will be given subject related assignments to complete by using the wealth of information found in our school library. These assignments will be completed by the students during library and then graded by their subject teacher. With the guiding concept of S.T.E.A.M. in place students can first research or read about the given subject and then, use our growing MAKERSPACE (an ever-growing treasure chest of art, engineering and science supplies) with guided activities that allow students hands-on experiences that recreate or enhance that learning experience. For example, reading and writing about volcanoes and then actually creating a volcano or reading about Van Gogh and then actually creating a mixed color palette. At St. Luke's we believe that cooperation is the key to success and when children interact with each other and materials, great things can happen.


This year, we will once again be updating our library book circulation with titles that were specifically requested by our students and staff. In addition, every student is encouraged to have a book at hand to read for pleasure or, for our school-wide instituted   "D.E.A.R. time" (A.K.A. "Drop Everything And Read" focus time). This focus time occurs daily, every afternoon. We also have widened our library to include a specialized section just for our Young Adult readers as well as updated titles for our favorite series and subjects. The library also hosts a few fun yearly events, this year we celebrated "Jolabokaflod" a Christmas book swap tradition, seen below...



In addition to these changes, we encourage every student to strive for reading success with our "Read to Succeed" program. In this program, every student may participate by completing reading logs (found on OptionC) and handing these logs into Ms. Barry. Every class will have their reading hours tallied weekly and tracked on the bulletin board directly outside the library. Winning classes and leading individual readers will be treated to special surprises in the Spring... Congratulations to all of our winners from June 2018!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


All classes in grades Pre-K through Eighth have library class on a weekly basis. The class is intended to expose the students to the joys of reading from an early age and develop them as competent and confidant readers and researchers. 

Our library is also host to our weekly Breakfast and Books Club, pictured below, wher members enjoy juice and cereal and swap critiques of new reads and get an early jump on borrowing their favorite books!



Don't forget to look out for our annual Scholastic book fair, hosted by our wonderful St. Luke parents and as always, our library gratefully accepts any donated materials.  Thank you!


Remotely Accessing Saint Luke School Library Web Page  

To find out if our Library has a book that your child needs, you can access the system by going to (See instructions below)

Scroll down to Queens schools and click on St. Luke School.

Once on the St. Luke School  library home page, click Catalog in the top left corner.

After entering a title, you can  click one search in the top right corner to find related websites

You do not need to log in.


Contact, Concerns or Questions, please email Ms. Barry (

Extra help available by invitation only on Mondays and Thursdays at 7:45 A.M. 

Service hours to be used toward Confirmation, available to seventh grade students on Thursdays at 7:30, please speak to Ms. Barry directly, a permission slip is needed. 



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