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For the convenience of our working parents, we have an early morning drop off available each day of the school year for our students.  If you would like to take advantage of early drop off, you may bring your child to the main entrance of the school no earlier than 7:00am and no later than 7:45am.  You may send your child with a snack and a book or a “quiet” toy/video game, etc.  There is a supervising staff member on duty each day of the school year.  

A calendar is available in the Family eEnvelope section of this website (under the Parents tab).  Please mark the days your child will be attending the programs.  Count the number of hours and multiply by the rate.  Send your payment to the school office, along with the fully completed calendar of the month.  Your child will be put on the list of the day by the selections you make on the calendar.

 RATES for 2019/2020
One Child            $  8.00 per hour
Two Children      $ 14.00 per hour
Three Children  $ 20.00 per hour  

PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND RETURN THE EMERGENCY FORM WHICH IS LOCATED IN THE FAMILY eENVELOPE.  Please be sure to include all emergency information when submitting each am care and/or pm care calendar.   

NOTE:  Morning care is also available in an "emergency" situation.  If immediate morning care is required, call the school office and let us know that you will be dropping off your child that day.


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