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Welcome back! 

Hi St Luke Students!  I am pleased to welcome you back to the 2020-2021 school year.  I would like to extend a special welcome to all of the new students joining St Luke School and our returning students as well. My name is Mrs Jones and I am honored to be your Art teacher. Our goal at St Luke School is to work  hard in a rich learning environment. My belief  is that all  students will love the wonderful world of Art. You are going to learn how to draw compositions and learn many different artists and time periods.My hope is that all students will love Art. Although this year looks different than any other year, I am dedicated to provide you a memoriable, engaging distancing learning and in person experience. We will display a positive attitude towards school, if are at home or in school. I am very excited to see all of your masterpieces!  






 IMPORTANT-Google Classroom Codes --All Art assignments will also be posted on Google Classroom. The student will submit all assignments/projects through Google Classroom by the specific due date.




1st grade- 63dcf3q

2nd grade- di7vti7

3rd grade- lecfiyq

4th grade- qkqtx5v

5th grade- ka5nwru

6th grade-mmo7h5n

7th grade- 7eukdbw

8th grade- idejq3q



 OPTIONAL--NURSERY-Please,open the attachment below . Enjoy!




****As of Monday, September 14, all Art assignments will be on Google Classroom . Thank you!

There are many on-line Art classes for your enjoyment,Click on the attachments (Great for all ages)-







art class           Art should be a fun class where students are able to express themselves with their imagination.  The students will learn about Art historical events, famous artists, different techniques and learn the principles of Art.
            The Art curriculum will have each student develop new artistic ideas.  Students will interpret artistic work.  They will understand how the arts have meaning.  Lastly, the students will relate artistic ideas with personal meaning.
            In the lower grades we will learn the basic Art techniques – color theory, use of line , etc.  The students will study Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, Claude Monet, etc.
            The upper grades will learn more involved projects, techniques and materials.  This includes color theory, perspective, still life drawing, etc.  Artists studied will be Georgia O’Keefe, Op Artists, Georges Seurat, etc.
            Each week an artist of the week will be chosen by the Art teacher from a project that each student may voluntarily submit from home. 
The Rubric For Art
4 – The student works independently.  The craftsmanship is excellent.  The student works to the best of ability and excels on projects.  The student behaves in an appropriate manner.  The student followed the guidelines and expectations of the teacher.
3 – The student showed effort and the project was neat but showed 1 or 2 mistakes with project.  The student did not use the materials correctly.
2 – The student did not follow all of the project directions and had 3 or more mistakes.  The student did not use the materials correctly.
1 – The student did not follow the artist technique by the teacher.  The student did not use the medium correctly or did not submit work on time.  







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