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The Bishops of the United States have committed to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, which calls for on-going “safe-environment” programs.  The Diocese of Brooklyn has chosen the VIRTUS program as an effective vehicle for Awareness Training.  All persons who have direct contact with children, whether professional or volunteer are expected to participate in an Awareness Training Program.

The VIRTUS program is the only acceptable Awareness Training Program for the Diocese of Brooklyn Schools.


GO TO www.virtus.org

GO TO - Registration

View of list of sessions

Select Organization - Click on Down Arrow

Select Brooklyn, NY (Diocese)

There will be a list of workshops in date order.

You will have to choose one and register for the one you choose.

When you attend the workshop you must tell them if you are an EMPLOYEE of St. Luke School or a VOLUNTEER at St. Luke School.

EMPLOYEES: If you register at the training session as an employee you will have monthly updates and questions to answer.  At the end of each year you must hand in your report to the school office.

VOLUNTEERS: If you register at the training session as a volunteer of school or parish functions you will now be able to help with the supervision of the students at a school function or after school event.  PLEASE REMEMBER anyone who wants to minister to the students of St. Luke School must have taken the class and submitted their certificate to the School Office.  This includes class trips, after school fundraisers, mommy and me, etc.

After attending the workshop, please submit a copy of your Virtus Training Certificate to the school office.  We must have a copy of the certificate in the school office.


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