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Pre-K 1 - Ms. Kelley

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Reminder - Please check our class web page daily for important updates and information.


We are having a special surprise visit from Santa during Christmas Week (Dec. 16-20).  Please do not tell your child.  We are asking that you send in a $10.00 wrapped gift with your child's name on it.  You can bring it to the report card conference on Friday, Dec. 6th or send it in the week of  Dec. 9th.   All gifts must be in by Friday, Dec. 13th.  Thanks!


Please check your child's folder for the Report Card Conference appointment request form.  The date is Friday, Dec. 6th from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Each conference will be no more than 10 minutes.   The forms are due on Friday, Nov. 22. 

Report Card appointment are being sent home today, Tuesday Nov. 26 in your child's folder.

I am also posting them below


Dec. 6th at 7:45 am Makayla

 Alexandria Klein -1:00
Mila Zapata – 1:10
Joseph Young - 1:20
Marcello Santilli – 1:40 
Daniella Lisciandri -2:00
Giovanni Panetta – 2:10
Layla Martinez – 2:20

Kaitlynn Hoang – 2:30




John Conciatori – 5:10
Joseph Diminich – 5:20
 Matteo Pezzino – 5:30
Jackson Gorynski – 5:40
Frankie Koklanos – 5:50
Camille Blewitt – 6:00

Dec. 10th - Braxton at 7:45 am and Kylene at 3:00  pm after dismissal



Friday November 1st is the beginning of our pie and cake sale. The flyer and order form will be in your child's backpack on Friday, Nov. 1st.   The sale will run from November 1-25 to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.  The pies and cakes will be delivered on December 16th.   Thanks you for supporting our fundraisers.



Our class will perform in the Christmas Show in the Upper Church on Dec. 10th at 6:00. PM.   A permission slip and a ticket order form was sent home in your child's folder.  PreK students should wear red and white festive Christmas outfits for boys and girls.  (Black or blue bottoms are ok if necessary, especially for the boys and the school uniform pants are OK too). Comfortable (non-slip) shoes are recommended.  Students should be brought to school at 5:15 pm and I will be waiting for them inside by Mrs. Angotti's desk.  As soon as you drop them off, please go over to the lupper church and get seated.  Dismissal will be from the same doors we always use when the show is over.  The show should run approximately 50 minutes.


Save the Date

Friday, May 1st - Mother's Day Tea - Please come up to the classroom at 1:30 for songs and pictures followed by refreshments in the cafeteria.


Extra help by invitation only is on  Tuesday and Friday at 7:45 am.  You will receive a note in your child's folder with the invitation.  Please walk your child up to the classroom. If your child is attendng morning care, please give the slip to the teacher on duty, so she can designate an older student to walk your child up to the classroom.  Thanks!


We are a nut aware class.  Please do not send in any item which contains peanuts or tree nuts or that is made on machinery with nuts.  This applies to snack, lunch and all party food.  This means no peanut butter or almond butter or nutella.  Dunkin donuts and Carvel are not allowed as they are made on machinery with nuts.  For parties the recommended items are: oreos, chips a hoy, ice pops, and chips .


Week of Dec. 1st -- Pre-K students will walk up to the classroom guided by our aides. Monday thtough Thursday this week are full days so please pack a nut- free snack and drink for your child in a zip loc baggie or bag with his/her name on it.  The baggie/bag will be sent home everyday so you can use it again. Lunch should be packed in a separate bag or lunch box.  Please note we are filling up their water bottles from our new filtered water fountain.   Dismissal is at 2:50pm and we will exit from the Security Door (the same day you use in the morning).  Friday, Dec. 6th is a Half Day for report card conferences.  Dismissal is at 11:50 am.

Snack approximately 9-9:3027

Lunch time is 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Recess is 2:00 - 2:30 p.m.


Monday -Dec. 2 - Gym

Tuesday -  Dec. 3 - Library

Wed. Dec 4 - Health at 8:15 and Computer

Thursday - Dec. 5th - Music and Christmas Fair   - Our class will attend the Christmas Fair in the gym from 8:30 to 8:55.  Please come and shop with your child.  If you are unable to come you may put money in an envelope and write your child's name on it and the words" Christmas Fair" .  Please note if you want your child to buy a present for someone and who it is.  


Friday-Dec. 6th  - No extra help today due to a conference.    Half Day for report card conferences.  Show and Tell Letter I - these students are assigned:  Johnny, Kylene, Camille and Braxton.  If you do not have an item that starts with I your child may bring in a small toy and talk about it.  Please practice having your child say his First and Last Name.  If your child is absent on his/her show and tell day, he/she may bring it in upon his/her return.  If you forget to pack the item the same applies.


Monday, Dec. 9th - School is closed for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception


Dec. 18th - 8th Grade Fundraiser $2.00 Pretzel Sale.  Pretzels will be delivered at lunch time.  If interested please put $2.00 in an envelope and write your child's name and the word PREZTEL and any left overs will be sent home in a baggie.  Thanks!



What We Are Learning

ELA-Guided Reading, Letter Ii -  Review of letters  Aa,Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff,  Gg , and Hh. and their corresponding sounds a-ape and a-apple, b-bear, c-cat and c-circle/, d- dog, e-egg and e-ear and fish, g-goat and g-giraffe,  h-hat and i-ice cream and i-itch

Math - Number 4, and review of 0, 1, 2 , 3 & 4, more ,less and equal,  first and last, shapes - circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval and rhombus, and  patterns

Religion - God's Rules for Me

Social Studies - School and Classroom Rules, Seasons, Community Helpers, Thanksgiving

Science - I is for Ice.  .

Looking ahead:

Dec. 10th - Christmas Show for Grades PreK through Grade 3 

Thursday, Dec. 19th is our class Christmas Party

Friday, Feb. 14 is our class Valentine's Day Party

Tuesday, March 17 is our class St. Patrick's Day Party

Tuesday, April 7 is our class Easter Party












PRE-K Supply List  for Sept. 2019


Pre-K Orientation is on Wed. Sept. 4th at 6:00 PM in gym, then please come up to the classroom to meet the teacher.



  2   Boxes (10 or 12) Sharpened No. 2 pencils

            1 Large zippered  cloth or plastic pencil case – write your child’s name on it

1 pack of Heavy Duty Construction Paper multicolor 9x12

1 7oz Elmer’s Glue & one Hand Sanitizer

2    Boxes of Crayola  8 Classic colors Broad Tip Washable Markers

5   LARGE SIZE glue sticks

3   Reams of copy paper (8 ½” by 11”)  

4   Rolls of Bounty paper towels

5   Boxes of tissues (one for gym)

5 Boxes of Baby Wipes

2   Containers of Clorox wipes

5   Packs of Napkins

1 Box of quart sized Ziploc bags  & 1 Box of gallon sized Ziploc bags

             1 Fiskar round tip scissor (write your child’s name on it)

Student Fee:  $21.00 (folders, notebook, two stetro pencil grips, and workbook)    Cash or Check payable to St. Luke School for notebook and workbook.


             Velcro sneakers only (No slip-on, tie, open back or platform sneakers)



    It is not necessary to label crayons, tissue boxes, paper towels and wipes.

We look forward to seeing you in September!


Please note that ALL CHILDREN ENTERING PRE-K must be toilet trained (no pull ups or diapers).