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Pre-K 1 - Ms. Kelley

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A SPECIAL thank you to all the PARENTS for all your dedication and support!!





Letters and Writing

Crafts and Activities

The following is a Golden Book version of “The Easter Story”

This text is longer and you may need to stop throughout the reading to check in with your child about their understanding. You can pause the video halfway and work together to draw pictures of the events they have seen so far.

The Easter Story

Materials: Index cards or rectangles of paper, glitter glue, dried beans, or dried pasta, glue


Use materials such as glitter glue or dried beans to create textured words and letters. For younger students, choose letters that have significance for Easter such as “C for cross” or “J for Jesus.” Students can trace the letters with their fingers to practice the shape. Older students can work to create the letters or words independently.

Materials: Painter’s Tape, paint or other coloring items, paper (cardstock or cardboard will hold up best)

Using painter’s tape, create an outline of a cross in the center of the paper. Have your child paint or color the background. Once it is colored or the paint has dried, carefully pull off the tape to reveal a cross. 








 Draw a picture of your DIY Tornado- see video

Social Studies

 Draw a picture of 1 thing you need.  See video.


 Draw a picture of your favorite aquatic animal- see video

Social Studies 

Draw a picture of 1 thing you want.  See Video


Click on the 3 video links to see me performing the exdperiment



  ur Child (on YouTube..beware of ads) Videos for Your Child (on YouTube..beware of ads)
Easter - Bedbug Bible Gang Beginner Bible Easter story Letter V Song - Jack Hartmann
Letter "T" Song - Have Fun Teaching Letter U Song – Jack Hartmann Letter V Song - Have Fun Teaching
Letter "T" Song - ABC Mouse Letter U song – Have Fun Teaching  Letter V Song - ABC Mouse
Letter "T" Song - Jack Hartmann Letter U Song -ABC Mouse Letter V Song - Story Bots
Number "9" Song - by Bubble Pop Box Starfall Word and Rhyming Machine - Short U Words Starfall word and rhyming machine short o words
Number "9" Song - Jack Hartmann Subitize Up to 5  - Jack Hartmann Starfall letter V
Rock your body to the colors – Jack Hartmann  Count to 20 and Workout – Jack Hartmann Adding with monster trucks
Make a rhyme and move – Jack Hartmann  Exercise Rhyme and Freeze - Jack Hartmann  Fruit Patterns
How to make a tornado in a bottle Learn Addition for Kids Aquatic Animals
Lily Learns About Wants and Need Starfall - Short U vowel pals  
  Needs and Wants  


Letter T -

Letter T

 Please see the above link for the worksheets for letter T, put your cursor on Http:... and it will turn into a hand with a finger pointing, the link will now be underlined, please click on it and the pages will load and appear for you to select and print.  Any questions please email me. 

*NEW* You can also put your cursor on each row in the table and it will turn into a hand, the link will now be underlined, please click on it and  the pages will load and appear for you to select and print.  Example Letter T - click and only the letter T pages will load, click math and only the math pages will load.  The same applies for the videos.


Week of April 6th-April 8th Letter Vv, Number 9, Patterns, Rhyming Words & Easter



Update March 23, 2020 -  Free accounts for ABC MOUSE and  READING IQ

How to Get Your Free Accounts
Click on the link below for each program that you wish to provide to your child/children:
1. Click on the link below for each program.
2. Enter this School Code: SCHOOL5836
3. Create an account using your personal email address and a password of your choice.

For Children in Preschool Through 2nd Grade -

Reading IQ
For Children in Preschool Through 6th Grade -
(Internet access is not needed after ReadingIQ is downloaded.)



Update March 22 - Epic is now requiring Parent Consent for each student to access their site.  I have emailed you from  EPIC.  Please respond to this EPIC email, so they can enable your child's account.   If you have any problems please email me.  Also the FREE ACCOUNT will now expire on June 30, 2020.  As you can imagine there is a huge demand.  Thanks!


Update March 20 - An Epic class account was created for your child to listen to or read books.

  If you are using a laptop or chromebook open your web browser and go to

Sign in with my class code ( jax4696) and select your child's first name and they"re in! 


  If you are using IOS/ANDROID   - Download the EPIC! app.  Click on "Have an account?  Sign In"  then click on "Students & Educators"

Sign in with your class code ( jax4696).  Select your child's name (Joey is Joseph D and Joseph is Joseph Y.) and they're in!

Happy reading!



Update - March 18- Per Mrs. Brunswick's email  due to the most recent safety guidelines, you will not be able to pick up the packet of work I have prepared.  I will continue to scan and upload the work to this webpage.  You can choose the pages you want to print as there is a large quantity and ink is expensive.   If you do not have a printer, you can have your child write the letter and number on a piece of paper, or purchase a workbook from Amazon.  Hopefully the guidelines will change and another date can be set.   All work must be returned to me when classes resume.  Also PreK will not be taking attendance.  Please stay safe and healthy.  


Great site for free printables


If you would like to follow our regular schedule, here it is:

  Daily Schedule:


  • Attendance- take your name from pocket chart and put in basket
  • Unpack and coloring
  • Morning announcements, prayers, and Pledge of Allegiance over loudspeaker.   (Prayers vary :SIGN OF THE CROSS, HAIL MARY, OUR FATHER)
  • Sing – God Bless America and Zippety Do Dah     
  • Free Play- Tabletop Toys

·        Clean-up, Bathroom, Wash hands and Set the Table for Snack (unfold your napkin and make a tablecloth)

·        Prayers:  Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary or Our Father and Snack Prayer (see below)                                      

Snack Prayer

      Thank you, God, for the world so sweet. Thank you, God, for the food we eat. 

      Thank you, God, for the birds that sing. Thank you God for everything. 


  ELA-Centers (Some ideas)

  Center 1-Writing Center - Trace & Write Letter of the Week and your name

  Center 2-Play-dough Center (Roll out & shape into letter)

  Center 3- Craft Center- cut, paste, color, paint, create a craft 

  Center 4-Puzzle Center or Coloring Center, or Rhyming Center (match rhyming pictures or make a rhyming book).




 Social Studies: Check topic for each week on website.   You can also discuss different Community Helpers, their jobs & why we need them and different holidays: Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr, President’s Day.


Science :  Check topics on Website


Bathroom and wash hands.  Ms. Susan goes to lunch

Religion – Check website for topics


Story time – Pick a story book . 

Introduce story by reading the title and showing the front and back cover.  Ask what does he or she see on it?

Read the name of the author and ask what does an author do? 

Read the name of the illustrator and ask what does an illustrator do?  Turn to the title page and read title again and ask – Why does a book have a title?  (It tells us what the story is going to be about.)  Ask what is this page called?  (The title page).

Introduce any words in the story that your child may not know and explain definition.

Read story.  At the end of the story ask some who, what, where, and when questions.

  • Who are the characters in the story?  Remember characters can be people or animals.

·        Ask where did the story take place? Was it in a house, forest, outside, kitchen etc.?

·        When did the story take place?  Was its morning, noon, or night.

·         Is this a true story?  Could it happen in real life? Example: Can animals talk in real life?

·        What happened in the beginning of the story?  How did the story end?

·        What was your favorite part or character in the story? Your child can draw a picture to one of these questions.



  • What day of the week is it?
  •  What date is it?
  •  What month is it?
  • Tomorrow is?
  • Yesterday was?
  • What is the weather today?
  • Pattern – create a pattern and ask him/her to finish it.
  • How many girls are here?  How many boys are here?  How many students are here today?  How many are absent and who are they?  (You can be inventive and write students names on small slips of paper and turn over the names that are here).
  • What number comes before (pick a number 0 to 10)
  • What number comes after (pick a number 0 to 10) 
  • What number comes between  (example 5 and 7)

It helps if you can show them a number line when asking the above 3 questions.


Voting/Graphing – Ask a question and have your family answer.  What is your favorite food to eat: pizza or burgers?  Count how many voted for each and graph it.  We use a pocket chart for this and insert names either under pizza picture or the burger picture.  How many voted for pizza?  How many voted for burgers?  Which has more?  Which has fewer?


Sing ABC SONG as you point to each letter.

Letter sounds – point to letter A and say the letter name and then the letter sound a/apple and a/ape.  We start at A and go to the letter of the week (A to T for week of March 23)


Count 0-10

Count 11-20

Count backwards 10 to zero then say blast off


Go over school rules, we are nice to others, we play safely, put things away, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, listen, raise your hand, keep your hands to yourself


Shapes – point to pictures of these shapes and ask them to name it

Circle, oval, rhombus/diamond, star, heart, triangle, rectangle and square


Ask your child to say and use their hands to form these shapes while saying these shapes poems:

Circle – Make a circle, make a circle, big and round with me.  No straight lines, no straight lines, a circle you will see.

Oval – Make an oval, make an oval, tall and thin with me, no straight lines, no straight lines, just like a zero.

Rhombus – Make a rhombus, make a rhombus, with slanted lines.  Make this shape, make this shape, just like a diamond.

Triangle – make a triangle, make a triangle, with corners 3, three lines, three lines, a triangle is its name.

Rectangle – Make a rectangle, make a rectangle, two sides long, two sides short, just like a door.  Knock, Knock

Square – Make a square, make a square, with 4 corners sides the same, make this shape, make this shape, square is its name.


Lunch - Ms. Susan returns from her lunch, prayers (same as above), napkin monitors give out napkins, bathroom, wash hands, open lunches and then I go to lunch.


Math Centers (some ideas)

  • Number of the week – trace and write number
  • Roll a dice or roll two dice – count dots and put down that many counters (you can use cereal, paper clips, pom poms, cotton balls, pasta)
  • Number Game spinners – spin, whatever number it lands on, say the number, then put down counters.
  • Make groups of items and ask your child to count them out loud and touch only one item as they say only one number.  We are counting groups of items up to ten
  • Count out loud to 20
  • Add and subtract using items.  On a piece of paper, put down a small group of items (0-5) , write the plus sign, and then put down another small group of items (0-5), write the equal sign, and then draw a line for your child to write the sum.  You can follow the above example for subtraction too.
  • Create your own pattern using various item you have at home, pencils, paper clips, pom poms, q-tips, cotton balls, craft sticks, game pieces, pasta, cereal etc.


  Bathroom Time & Wash hands


  Outdoor Recess or Indoor recess & dismissal

  Our Indoor recess includes, kitchen area play, action figures/dolls, Legos, doll house, Batman Castle, blocks, books.



*Special classes include:

  MondayPhysical Education (gym) with Ms. P. includes: relay races, exercises and gross motor skills such as: practicing alternating feet on the stairs.

  TuesdayLibrary with Ms. Barry-She reads a picture book and also works on Rhyming words. 

                   Rhyming song: “ down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home I dare not go, for if I do, my mother will say….

                  did you ever see a cat wearing a hat down by the bay (fill in more/make up your own… did you ever see a man cooking in a pan, did you ever see a goat rowing a boat...etc... down by  the bay”)

* Mrs. Brunswick visits bi-weekly to share a bible story with the class

 Tuesday afternoon - Mr. Parisi joins us for math and he has been adding and subtracting with the class.


Wednesday – Computer with Ms. R. – She has been using ABC Mouse.

Thursday – Music with Ms. Barry- sings songs and play instruments

Friday - Show & Tell-Find items that begin with the letter of the week




We are welcoming a new student to our class on Monday, Jan. 6th.  His name is Gabriel Darcy.  We will be 10 boys and 7 girls for a total of 17.



Save the Date

Friday, May 1st - Mother's Day Tea - Please come up to the classroom at 1:30 for songs and pictures followed by refreshments in the cafeteria.





Extra help by invitation only is on  Tuesday and Friday at 7:45 am.  You will receive a note in your child's folder with the invitation.  Please walk your child up to the classroom. If your child is attendng morning care, please give the slip to the teacher on duty, so she can designate an older student to walk your child up to the classroom.  Thanks!

We are a nut aware class.  Please do not send in any item which contains peanuts or tree nuts or that is made on machinery with nuts.  This applies to snack, lunch and all party food.  This means no peanut butter or almond butter or nutella.  Dunkin donuts and Carvel are not allowed as they are made on machinery with nuts.  For parties the recommended items are: oreos, chips a hoy, ice pops, and chips .


School is closed until April 30.  Pre-K students will walk up to the classroom guided by our aides. Monday through  Friday this week are full days so please pack a nut- free snack and drink for your child in a zip loc baggie or bag with his/her name on it.  The baggie/bag will be sent home everyday so you can use it again. Lunch should be packed in a separate bag or lunch box.  Please note we are filling up their water bottles from our new filtered water fountain.   Dismissal is at 2:50pm and we will exit from the Security Door (the same day you use in the morning).   Music and  library material will be posted via parent alert.

Snack approximately 9-9:30

Lunch time is 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Recess is 2:00 - 2:30 p.m.

Week of March 23-  School is closed until April 20.  All work for the week of March 23 is posted on the above table. 

Please continue to practice writing your first and last name, letter Ss,  number 8, and opposites.  If your child is struggling to write letters and numbers please continue to practice that as well.


What We Are Learning

Ela  - Letter  T- Review of letters A to S  - Letter sounds a-apple and a-ape, b-bear- c-cat and c-circle, d-dog, e-elephant and e-ear, f-fish, g-goat and g-giraffe, h-hat, i-itch and i-ice cream, j-jelly, k-kite, l-lion, m-mouse, n-nose, O- octopus and ocean, p-pig.7, q-queen, r-rabbit. s-seal, T-turtle

Math - Number 9 -Review 0, 1, 2 , 3, 4,  5, 6,7, & 8 ,more, less, and equal,  first and last, shapes - circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval and rhombus,  patterns, aaddition and subtraction, and opposites

Religion - The Miracles of Jesus

Social Studies - School and Classroom Rules, Seasons, Community Helpers

Science - T is for tornado (Make your own tornado in a bottle)

Looking ahead:



PRE-K Supply List  for Sept. 2019

Pre-K Orientation is on Wed. Sept. 4th at 6:00 PM in gym, then please come up to the classroom to meet the teacher.




  2   Boxes (10 or 12) Sharpened No. 2 pencils

            1 Large zippered  cloth or plastic pencil case – write your child’s name on it

1 pack of Heavy Duty Construction Paper multicolor 9x12

1 7oz Elmer’s Glue & one Hand Sanitizer

2    Boxes of Crayola  8 Classic colors Broad Tip Washable Markers

5   LARGE SIZE glue sticks

3   Reams of copy paper (8 ½” by 11”)  

4   Rolls of Bounty paper towels

5   Boxes of tissues (one for gym)

5 Boxes of Baby Wipes

2   Containers of Clorox wipes

5   Packs of Napkins

1 Box of quart sized Ziploc bags  & 1 Box of gallon sized Ziploc bags

             1 Fiskar round tip scissor (write your child’s name on it)

Student Fee:  $21.00 (folders, notebook, two stetro pencil grips, and workbook)    Cash or Check payable to St. Luke School for notebook and workbook.


             Velcro sneakers only (No slip-on, tie, open back or platform sneakers)




    It is not necessary to label crayons, tissue boxes, paper towels and wipes.


We look forward to seeing you in September!

Please note that ALL CHILDREN ENTERING PRE-K must be toilet trained (no pull ups or diapers).






Pre-K 2