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 September, 2020


Today,  September, 2020

This is the Supply list for Incoming New Nursery for September 2020

1 – Backpack:  No wheels and must hold lunchbox and folder.

2 - boxes of  8 large (not jumbo) size Crayola crayons 

2 - boxes of 24 Crayola crayons 

1 - box of  8 Crayola washable markers 

2 - eight color Crayola water paint sets

1 - large Elmer’s white glue

4 - large white glue sticks (NO PURPLE PLEASE)

1 - package of construction paper (mixed colors)

1- four pack of Play-Doh  (assorted colors)

  1- package of white paper plates (large or small)

  1. 2- reams of copy paper   (8½ by 11)

10- packages of baby wipes

4- containers of Clorox wipes

6- rolls of paper towels

  5- boxes of tissues

   1- box of gallon sized Ziploc bags

   1- box of quart sized Ziploc bags




Please send in a labeled set of clothing (underwear, socks, shirt, and pants) 

to be left at school. Velcro is preferred. 


Label only the outside of your child’s backpack, lunchbox, and clothing. 




Will be collected in September.


For uniform information, please visit:  www.flynnohara.com


Visit our website @ www.slswhitestone.org


Summer is a great time to work on potty training.




2 Free apps are Khan Academy Kids and Teach your Monster to Read.  

Please read with your child every day! 

I have also found the following to have some fun things for them:  



jr.brainpop.com     User:   stluke2020      Password:  sls2020

Something fun:  Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, is reading books on his twitter account!  

Please fill up and send in your full boxtop sheets, our class is really low on the boxtop chart!

Our online Scholastic book order code is QJFQN.

Please make sure to label everything, especially tupperware and Jackets.   

Parents, please send at least 2 water bottles, especially if your child is full day, many kids did not have enough today after afternoon playground.  Please also remember to separate snack from lunch.  

Please start collecting all of your boxtops for education.  We will be sending home a form you can send back when you will it up, there are contests throughout the year. 

Important:  Due to Attendance policy changes, every change in attendance will have to be submitted to me in writing.  For example, if your child is full day and leaves half day for a doctor appt, please give me a note before.  If you pick up your child at 2:00 instead of 2:40, you must give me a note etc.  The same goes for late arrival etc.  

Please do not park on 150th Place, that is only for School Bus Parking.  Thank you.  

If your child is absent have  for a full or half day, please bring an absent note upon return.  I will not be reminding you.  Attendance for Nursery is now being taken in option c.  











Any unwanted arts and crafts supplies. Sometimes what is clutter to you is treasure to a teacher! 

Any table top games you no longer want, the kids love to get new things to play with in class! 

Flat heart, flower, and love themed stickers if you have any laying around you no longer want.  



What Are We Learning

Letters:  A, B 
Numbers: 1, 2
Color:   RED   

               Shape:  CIRCLE       


Please keep sending in boxtops/labels for education.
You can print out form to submit them from parent eenvelope. 

If you send in book order money, no cash, check please. 

Please also check the school calander for events and fundraisers.  
Please check parents E-envelope also. 

If you have to pick up your child early, please give me a note at drop-off in the morning, I have to send it to the office. You must then sign-out your child near the security desk when you pick up.  Thanks. 

If your child is absent, upon return you must give me a note written by you
stating the dates absent and the reason

Please take your child to the bathroom right before class,



Happy September Birthday to


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Pre-K 2