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 Mrs. Panagakos

*****Don't forget to sign your child in on the attendance sheet. If not done they are marked absent.****

**April 3- Hi Boys and Girls I sent a video through email. Hope you all saw it!! Have a wonderful weekend!!**


Holy Week at St Finnian's - St Finnians Scottish Episcopal Church ...


**The work packet for this week can be found on the homepage of this webpage. These are the pages up to Easter Break

**The link was moved to Previous Work. Double click that link and the work is under March 23.**

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**Please make sure you sign your child in every day.

If they are not signd it they will be marked absent**

Attendance Form Link is below.

Please sign your child in everyday between 9:00 am-12:00 pm


Good morning boys and girls,

I hope you are all doing well!! I miss you like crazy!! I just want to say how proud I am of you and want to thank you for all the hard work you are doing at home!! Give yourself a big pat on the back!! This week is a short week. We are getting ready for Easter!! I will send another video on Wednesday to talk more about Easter. In the meantime if you want to send me a picture (with the help of mom or dad) of you holding work that you are proud of, or you outside doing your favorite activity, or if you dye Easter eggs, etc. I would love to see the pictures. Moms or dads can send to my email or they can postit  in the Shutterfly account (under Spring). Either way I will see it. Have a wonderful week!! 

BIG Hugs and LOTS of Love,

Mrs. Panagakos


God Bless You This Holy Week |


Dear Parents

Well here we are at the start of week 4. I continue to pray that you and your family are well. As always I want to Thank You for all you have been doing! You are all amazing and so are your kids!!! Thank you as well for your support. I am so lucky to be working with such wonderful families. As always, please know I am here if you have any questions or to just keep in touch. Thank you so much for the sweet pictures, messages and videos. It melts my heart. 

 Best wishes to you for a Blessed Holy Week and a very Happy Easter!!


Mrs. Panagakos


Educational Apps:


Epic Books (log in info below)

This website is great if you are looking for extra resoures for your child


**Kids Bible App

I found this free adorable app filled with Bible Stories. You can pick and choose which ones to listen to and then answer a question. They are quick read aloud stories, adorable pictures, and very kid friendly. You earn points which makes it fun for the kids. There is a story for Palm Sunday, The Last Supper, Good Friday, Easter.

I think this would be a great app for your child to have especially as Holy Week is coming up.

The Bible App for Kids - Best Kids App! Download for free ...

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Epic Books is offering free access through the end of the school year.  You can sign up your child online or get the app. There are a variety of books including a lot of class favorites. Their is an option to have the books read to them and there are little quizzes at the end for comprehension. It is a great tool to use at home. Below are the directions on how to sign in. 


Student Login Instructions

Our class code:


Laptop or Chromebook

* Students go to

* Students enter class code, click on their name and they're in!

(Joseph Civitano I have you as Joey C. and Joseph Cucchiara I have you as Joseph C.)


* Open the Epic! app

* Enter class code, click on their name and they're in!

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Log in as a student

Classroom Password- Kindergarten2

**The kids truly enjoy reading these magazines.

For each issue there is a video and a game (which was a class favorite).

I'm sure they will enjoy playing the game without having to take turns :) 

Their is also the option to have the magazine read-aloud as your child follows along.

We did not do 2 issues in March.

There are also 4 new ones for April.

They can also go back and revisit any issue or video and game.**



Math site for kindergarten (and other grades as well!) with great resources for various math skills:



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Our Religion book is listed at the website below.

It provides games and activities to go along with the chapters.

The username is SadlierStudent and the password is ReadyToLearn!  (password is case sensitive).

Best Educational Alexa Skills

Here is a link for those of you that have Alexa that has some fun educational things for the kids to do:



Image result for brainpop jr


Brainpop is offering a year free!! This is a great resource. Fun educational clips with little quizzes at the end!! The kids love this!!

You can get the app or you can go log on to--

Username: stluke2020

Password: sls2020


The following are on YouTube and kid and teacher approved:

*Story Time at Awnies House

*Jack Hartman (he has a variety of learning love him)


*Beginner's Bible

**If you press the Programs tab on this website you can access each special teachers page- gym, music/library, art, computer, as well as the reading and math specialists.

They have links or assignments on their page. Please go to their page to see updated assignments.**

The Storytown link below can be accessed at any time so your child can continue to read.  These books provide great practice for the children. 

Feel free to have your child choose any of the books to read.


Extra Help will be offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:45-8:00.

This will be by invitation only.


Go Math Book Online

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Direct Link

Click the “My Library tab"

Storytown Readers
Picture 4

SThe Direct Link to The Predecodable/Decodable Books

StoryTown Direct Link:






drralph / F15F_Literacy

Please continue to have your child read each night for 15 minutes. There are many books on all different levels on the Epic books app. Also, as always, the StoryTown link has lots of options that the kids can begin reading independently.


Below is a wonderful sight with readers to build your child's confidence. They have many of the sight words in them. When viewing a book click on "In Color Big Book Teacher Version" There are many cute ones including one on Easter!!

Week of April 6

**Please keep all completed work in your child's folder. I will collect it once we return to school**

*****Don't forget to sign your child in on the attendance sheet. If not done they are marked absent.****



MATH- Please complete the following subtraction  in your notebook:






Please read the following math problem to your child and have them solve it and write the subtraction sentence in their notebook. They can draw counters to help them.

The Easter Bunny put 7 eggs in his basket. Then he hopped down the road and 2 fell out.  How many eggs does he have left?

Phonics/Reading-Click on the link  to listen to the story, Easter Eggs Everywhere, by Steve Metzger.  After listening to the story, write about what the problem is in the story and how it is solved.  (The problem is ___.  The solution is ____.).   You can go back and listen again if you need to.  

Tap out each sound then blend the sounds to read the words below:(parent write the words down on paper so the kids can tap out)

 at, hip, peg, had, pen, bat

RAINBOW write the following high frequency words in your notebook:

are, they, where, want, who (i.e. are)

Religion- This week is a very special week- Holy Week. The chapter in the religion book is Chapter 27. You can use the link above to get access to the book and go through the chapter. In the chapter the children will learn that we celebrate Jesus' new life at Easter. While reading the chapter here are some questions you can ask:

**What are some things that remind you of new life? (babies, flowers, baby rabbits, baby chicks, butterflies, etc.)

**Whose new life do we celebrate together at this time of year? (We celebrate Jesus' new life.)

**Explain that Alleluia is a special word we say to celebrate Jesus' life and love. It means "praise God"

Each day I also added links to wonderful Easter stories and videos to help the children have a deeper understanding of Easter

Click this link to hear "The Easter Story", it's an e-book read aloud

Click this link for a cut and paste Holy Week sheet (If you are not able to download this, no worries. I will go over the sheet in my video on Wednesday.)

The link below has some great topics and stories as well as activities. They have all the weeks still up.    (Day 1/Week 4)-optional

Don't forget to sign your child in on the attendance sheet. If not done they are marked absent.


MATH- Write your numbers 1-20 in your notebook.

Click on the link to watch "Numbers in the Teens"

Phonics/Reading- Click on the link  to listen to the story, The Story of the Easter Bunny, by Katherine Tegen.  After listening to the story, write about why YOU would make a good Easter Bunny (I would make a good Easter Bunny because _____.)

Tap out each sound then blend the sounds to read the words below:

hit, pet, bus, bun, bib, red

RAINBOW write the following high frequency words in your notebook:

what, this, come, here, like

Religion- Click this link to listen to "Easter" by Gail Gibbons   (Day 2/Week 4)-optional

Don't forget to sign your child in on the attendance sheet. If not done they are marked absent.


MATH- Please complete the follwing addition and subtraction problems in your notebook 







Please read the following math problem to your child and have them solve it and write the subtraction sentence in their notebook. They can draw counters to help them.

The Easter Bunny gave me 6 red jellybeans and 3 pink jellybeans. How many jellybeans do I have altogether?

Phonics/Reading- Click on the link to listen to the story,  Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure, by Kimberly and James Dean.  After listening to the story, ask your child the following comprehension questions:

Why was Pete excited?

What was in Pete's Easter basket?

What did Pete think when he put on his bunny ears?

How did the chicken help Pete?

Tap out each sound then blend the sounds to read the words below:

jab, nod, but, pot, Ben, pal

Go on a Letter Sound Hunt for letters A-Z (i.e. a-apple juice, b-ball, c-cup, d-dog etc.). You can tell someone at home what you found that begins with each letter.

Religion- Click on the link to watch Beginner's Bible- The Easter Story

Click the link to listen to the story "That Grand Easter Day"  (Day 3/Week 4)-optional

In Search of the Easter Bunny | Wild Kratts Wiki | Fandom

Here is the link for the Wild Kratts- (optional, but the kids would enjoy it) "In Search of the Easter Bunny" 

Don't forget to sign your child in on the attendance sheet. If not done they are marked absent.


Holy Thursday - Cuba


Wishing You A Blessed Good Friday -



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April 22- Joseph Cucchiara


K-2 Class Allergies

**We do have one child with a nut allergy in our class. Please refrain from giving your child anything containing straight peanut butter or actual peanuts.**

We have one child in our class with a honey allergy. Please when sending in any treats make sure that honey is not an ingredient.

We also have one child in our class with an egg allergy, however it is okay to send in anything with eggs cooked inside (cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ect.)**

Thank You for your cooperation in ensuring a safe environment for our kindergarten friends!!

Birthday Party Suggestions- cookies (chips ahoy, oreos) doughnuts, munchkins, cupcakes (that are school/nut friendly found in many grocery stores).

You can also send in chips, pretzels, ice pops, ice cream cups, etc.

Thank You!!




showandtell 01

MONDAY-Luciano, Rose, Katherine, Julian

TUESDAY-Michaela D, Michaela V, Haydrian

WEDNESDAY-Joseph, Joseph, Elaanor, Elias

THURSDAY-Gabriella G, Gabriella L, Liam, Olivia

FRIDAY-Valerie, Anastasia, Kemily



SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: a, I, my, me, and, the, go, see one, two, three, four, five, am

NOVEMBER: to, like, he, come, here, this, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

DECEMBER: Review all the words above

JANUARY: red, yellow, green, brown, blue, orange, purple, pink, white, black, is

FEBRUARY: for, where, do, you, look, what, can, it, in, on

MARCH: up, down, we, want, she, good, out, who, are, they


***These words should be on your child's index ring and should be reviewed frequently***

*   *   *    *   *   *   *   *

Kindergarten Grades

Student assessments will be graded based on the following: 

1  = Not demonstrated (needs a great deal of improvement OR does not demonstrate an understanding of the standard given)

2  = Beginning (needs some improvement OR has a partial understanding of the standard)

3  = Developing (satisfactory understanding)

4  = Secure (thorough understanding of the standard) 



The school administration and the classroom teachers are aware of parental concerns regarding heavy backpacks.  We are making efforts to coordinate the home use of the heavier textbooks as well as workbooks in case a replacement is needed.  One option for parents is to purchase books to keep at home.  Some websites that sell new and used books are Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ecampus. 

Subject Title Publisher ISBN # Copyright
Math  Go Math Harcourt 978-0-547-58780-6 2012
Math Go Math Harcourt 978-0-547-58812-4 2012
Phonics Phonics Level K Pearson 978-1-4284-3091-4 2011
ELA Trophies Harcourt 0-15-322469 2003
Handwriting Handwriting Zaner-Bloser 978-0-7367-6835-1 2012
Religion We Believe Sadlier 978-0-8215-3080-1 2015

******Please LABEL EVERYTHING (especially the sweatshirts) with your child's name.

For uniform information please visit:



Pre-K 2