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Mrs. DiGilio

Monday, March 30th, 2020



ART, MUSIC & SPANISH CLASS: Please join Miss Barry and Mrs. Vargas' google classroom using this code: ly3sc53


Please be sure that you are ONLY completing the work listed below for the weekly schedule. Please check Google Classroom for needed materials.

Monday 3/30

ReligionRead Bible passage and answer questions to follow 

Math2 mathletics assignments, Reteach worksheet and page 533-534

Spelling: put the words in ABC order 

S.S.: Chapter 3 lesson 5 and 6 assessment 

Reading: Reading Comprehension with questions 

Writing: Ready workbook page 158-159  

Tuesday 3/31

Religion: Read Bible passage and answer questions to follow 

Math:  2 mathletics assignments and Page 535-538 

Grammar:  pg 14-15 on pronouns

Science: watch brainpop video on physical and chemical changes; Complete the assessment

Reading: Reading Comprehension with questions 

Writing: Ready page 160-161

Wednesday 4/1

Religion: Read Bible passage and answer questions to follow 

Math: 2 mathletics assignments and Reteach and page 545-546

Spelling: Write each word in a sentence 

S.S.:complete assessment 

Reading:Reading Comprehension with questions 

Writing: Ready page 162-163 and 166

Thursday 4/2

Religion: Read Bible passage and answer questions to follow 

Math: 2 mathletics assignments and Pages 547-550

Grammar:  pg 16-17 on pronouns

Science: Matter Scavenger Hunt  and What’s the Matter Quiz 

Reading: Reading Comprehension with questions 

Writing: Ready page  164, 165 and 167

Friday 4/3

Religion: Read Bible passage and answer questions to follow 

Math: 2 mathletics assignments 

Spelling: Write each word 3x each 

S.S.: assessment must be complete and submitted TODAY ! all assignments will be graded  tonight. 

Reading: Reading Comprehension with questions 

Writing: Ready page  168, 169, 170 ,171

Our trip to Chillato has been CANCELLED. You will receive a refund for the trip when we return to school.

LITERACY SPECIALIST: Students who see Mrs. M, please check the Literacy Specialist tab with additional information.


MUSIC/LIBRARY: learning materials/assignments will be forwarded via Parent Alert. Please be vigilant and be sure to download and print attached work and complete work in a timely fashion. Stay well during your time away!




1. Practice Act of Contrition (in yellow NB) & Mass Responses each night to prepare for upcomming Masses/Confession. Confession date to be announced.




  Our Scholastic Book orders Class Code to order online: J6XG9

March Scholastic orders due 3/5.


Monday: Gym (wear uniform, sneakers)

Tuesday: Spanish; Library

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art

March Birthdays

Nicholas C. 12th

Jerry 29th

For uniform information, please visit

Visit these websites for Math and Reading review:
  1. Students may not use N.U.T. cards on Mass days.
  2. Please check the E-Envelope for new information.
  3. Books will not be sent home for absentees.  If you absolutely need the books, please call the office no later than 9:00 A.M.
  4. If your child doesn't complete his or her notes in class, they will be sent home for homework and checked the next day.
  5. We ask that you try and avoid sending peanut butter for lunch.  If your child does bring peanut butter for lunch, they must wash their hands when they finish eating.  In addition, please note that our classroom is NUT FREE.  Please be mindful when sending in birthday or party treats to ensure that they are nut free. 


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Log in information 

Username: student31

     Password: gomath3      


       Click “My Library”   

Log in Information

username: student31
password: gomath3

*click 'My Library' and then select 'Science' from the Things to Do list on the left.        

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Log in information

Username: myworldbk3

Password: lukes11357

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Reading & ELA: 



Choose one activity each night (Monday-Thursday) from Spelling Menu.  *NEW SPELLING MENUS WILL BE GIVEN OUT EACH MONTH. Oral spelling quiz will be on Fridays.  This week's words: 

                                  1. solid                6. pilgrim            11. palms   

                                  2. liquid               7. protest            12. rites    

                                  3. gas                 8. ashes              13. unit   

                                  4. drought          9. prayer             14. shares  

                                  5. debt              10. Easter            15. halves  



*This year, third grade is working closely with our Math Specialist, Mr. Parisi. You may notice that workbook pages arent completely done or that we seem to be skipping around.  This is because we are providing students with additional material (packets; notebook work) to help them better understand each topic and focusing on questions we feel are most beneficial to your child. Please don't be alarmed should you see this. It is being done to provide your children with as much support as possible.

-Workbook pages .








Social Studies:



                                                            What We're Learning This Week           ()                                     

  ~Math: fractions.
  ~Phonics: contractions.
  ~Science: dental awareness.
~Social Studies: Communities Build a Nation.
  ~Religion: The Sacraments.
  ~Reading: describing characters.
  ~Grammar: conjunctions
  ~Writing: NYS ELA test practice
  ~Special: Parent event 2/14


Subject Title Publisher ISBN # Copyright
ELA Write Source Sebranek/Kemper 0-669-51806-9 2006
ELA Ready New York CCLS Curriculum Assosciates 0-7609-8390-4 2009
ELA Phonics Level C Pearson 1-4284-3094-6 2011
ELA Trophies Harcourt 0-15-322476-2 2003
Science  Fusion  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 978-0-544-77839-9  2017
Religion We Believe Sadlier 978-0-8215-3053-5 2015
Math Go Math! Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 978-0-547-58785-1 2012
Math Go Math! Practice Book Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 978-0-547-58810-0 2010
Social Studies My World   Pearson  978-0-328-63939-7 2013
Pre-K 2