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Class 2-2
Mrs. Scagnelli
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Thursday, December 5th-  School Christmas Fair

Time: 10:00 - 10:30

Friday, December 6th-  School half day for Report Card Conferences


Second Grade Grading Breakdown
Religion: 50% Assessments , 25% Prayers, 25% Projects
Science: 75% Assessments, 25% Labs/Quizzes
Math: 75% Assessments, 25% Quizzes
Social Studies: 75% Assessments, 25% Projects / Classwork
ELA: 50% Assessments, 20% Comprehension, 20% Writing, 10% Spelling

Extra Help: Extra help with be invitation only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Reading Log: Read every night for twenty minutes. Record the title of the text on your reading log. Reading logs are located in the back of homework (purple) Notebooks. If a reading log is missing please just write the date and the title on the back page of the homework notebook.

Wednesday- Fundations - Mark the Syllable

Thursday - Fundations - Writing Grid ( Use the words from Homework Guide to give your child a pretest at home)

Spelling Words:


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* This week students will have a math packet. If you child was struggling or you have a specific concern please date and leave a comment on the first page.


Wednesday- Addition with Regrouping ( cactus)

Thursday- Adding with a number line and Word problem


Science Fusion
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Password: Stlukeschool


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Textbooks & Workbooks

Subject Title Copyright
Reading Ready  
Math Go Math
Science Science Fusion  
Social Studies My World  
Phonics Fundations 2003
Religion We Believe 2015