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Class 2-2
Mrs. Scagnelli
Contact Information:
Dear Parents,
Thank you for all of your support and well wishes as my family prepares to welcome our new baby.
I will miss each and every one of your children. They will be in my thoughts and prayers during my leave.
God Bless,
Mrs. Scagnelli
Welcome Mrs. Nardi
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Monday, April 20th-  Back to School. 

Thursday, April 23rd:  Pretzel Day.  

Monday, April 27th-  Milk $10 due for May. 

Wednesday, April 29th-  Dress Down Day. 

Second Grade Grading Breakdown
Religion: 50% Assessments , 25% Prayers, 25% Projects
Science: 75% Assessments, 25% Labs/Quizzes
Math: 75% Assessments, 25% Quizzes
Social Studies: 75% Assessments, 25% Projects / Classwork
ELA: 50% Assessments, 20% Comprehension, 20% Writing, 10% Spelling



* Dear Parents,
Please keep your child's work in a folder. I will review each child's work when we return. Thank you.

From Ms. Barry:

Due to circumstances, library book exchange has temporarily been suspended. Books may be returned if necessary but none will be borrowed at this time. We will resume normal exchange soon


Please use the link below to sign into our Google Classroom. This will only be open from 9am-12pm daily.

Please be mindful about signing in during the available hours. Thank you & Stay safe!


Homework 3/30-4/3

Monday 3/30 Tuesday 3/31 Wednesday 4/1 Thursday 4/2 Friday 4/3
Religion: Read and complete pages 204 & 205.
Review and We Respond in Faith pages.
Religion:Read page 207 Religion: Read pgs. 208 and 209  Religion: Read pgs. 210 and 211 Religion: Read pages 212 and 213

Math: Money packet (Amount in 2 ways) 

*The money packet is posted in google classroom under classwork.

Math: Money packet (Count the Change & Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters) Math: Money packet (Can You Buy It? ) Math: Money packet ( Let's Go Shopping!) Math: MoneyPrintable.pdf


Phonics: "ee", "ea", and "ey" are examples of double vowel syllables. Write 5 examples for each of the double vowel syllable combinations above. You should have an "ee" chart as well as an "ea" chart and an "ey" chart in your ELA Notebook. If you do not have the cart you can use this one


(ex. ee --> sleep)

Phonics: Phonics packet 

*please go at your own pace for the phonics packet.


Phonics: Phonics Packet

Phonics: Phonics Packet

Phonics: Phonics Packet

Writing: Purple ELA Workbook pg. 112


Writing: ELA Purple Workbook pg. 113

Writing: Learning about Haikus 


If you still need help, make sure to view my Haiku video in our Google Classroom! :) 

Writing: Today is National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day! In your ELA Notebook, write a haiku about your favorite food.

Writing: Today is National Find a Rainbow Day! Write a haiku about something in nature in your ELA Notebook. Your haiku does not have to be about rainbows but feel free to write about rainbows if you would like!

S.S.: Lesson 5 Quiz

Please make sure all Chapter 4 Vocabulary is written in SS Notebook!

S.S.: Jalapeno Bagels read aloud video by Ms. Sapienza in 2-1 & 2-2 Google Classroom

S.S.: Crossword Puzzle (In SS Quiz Packet)


Watch "Pass the Plate! Bananas" and, in your SS Notebook, write about how you eat bananas.


Watch "Pass the Plate! Mangoes" and, in your SS Notebook, write about how you eat mangoes (it's ok if you don't. Tell me why you do not like them and if you ever tried them)


Science: Planet Project 

*Your child can pick any planet they wish.

Science: Planet Project

Science: Planet Project

Science: Planet Project

Science: Planet Project



Textbooks & Workbooks

Subject Title Copyright
Reading Ready  
Math Go Math
Science Science Fusion  
Social Studies My World  
Phonics Fundations 2003
Religion We Believe 2015


Pre-K 2