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        Attendance for Classwork

Please use the link below to sign into our Google Classroom.

This will only be open from 9am-12:15pm daily.

Please be mindful about signing in during the available hours. Thank you & Stay safe! AAQBRw8348uNC4KQ6


Mrs. M's Students: Please see her website for additional work


Music and library learning materials/assignments will be forwarded via Parent Alert.

Please be vigilant and be sure to download and print attached work and complete work

in a timely fashion.

Stay well during your time away!

Spanish: Please complete packet



Second Grade Grading Breakdown

Religion: 50% Assessments , 25% Prayers, 25% Projects

75% Assessments, 25% Labs/Quizzes

Math: 75% Assessments, 25% Quizzes

Social Studies: 75% Assessments, 25% Projects / Quizzes

ELA: 50% Assessments, 20% Comprehension, 20% Writing, 10% Spelling


Extra Help is offered every Monday & Wednesday from 7:45-8:00 by invitation only



Emails will be read between 7:00 and 8:00am.

Responses to emails will be generated in a timely manner.

Please remember to keep the emails respectful

Homework 4/6-4/8

Monday 4/6 Tuesday 4/7 Wednesday 4/8 Thursday 4/9 Friday 4/10
Religion: Answer questions on pages 243-244 Religion: Watch Mrs. Nardi's Easter read aloud video in our Google Classroom. Religion: Watch Ms. Sapienza's Easter read aloud in our Google Classroom. After watching both Easter read aloud videos. Think about what Jesus did for you and the sacrifices he made. Write a letter to Jesus expressing your gratitude for dying for you and rising again. Religion:  Religion: 
Math: Time Packet (Crazy Alarm Clock) Math: Time Packet (Which Clock Is It?) Math: Time Packet (Who Finished First?) Math:  Math: 

Phonics: Phonics Packet

Phonics: Phonics Packet Phonics: Phonics Packet Phonics:  Phonics: 

Writing: Write a haiku about Easter.

Please make sure March Reading Comprehension is complete! All questions are answered in full sentences.

Writing: Write an acrostic poem about Easter.

Writing: Write a shape poem about Easter. (Examples of shapes: cross, Easter egg, lamb, chick, flower)

Writing:  Writing: 

S.S.: Watch "Pass the Plate! Spinach!" After viewing the video, write about how you eat Spinach in your SS Notebook.

Please make sure all Chapter 4 Vocabulary is written in SS Notebook!

S.S.: Using the Venn Diagram sheet, pick one food you have watched a "Pass the Plate" video on (banana, mango, spinach). Pick one person in the video to compare and contrast how you eat that food and how someone from another country ate that food. (Ex. I eat spinach different from how they eat spinach in England.) S.S.: In your SS Notebook, reflect on Chapter 4. Write about what you learned in this chapter. Write about what you liked about this chapter. What was your favorite activity? Did you like watching the videos? Did you like learning about St. Patrick's Day? Tell me about it! You can also tell me about the new concepts/words you learned about in this chapter.



Science: Planet Project Science: Planet Project Science: Planet Project Science:  Science: 

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Math Go Math Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2018
Science Fusion Science Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2017
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