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Mrs. Turano

April 7th

Below you will find the attendance form link to sign your child in for today.

This link will be open from 9:00 am to 12:00 am only. Please include your child's first AND last name when signing in.


Please note: I will not be available from 9:30 am to 11:30 am today. I will be in school webinars during this time. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


Good morning boys and girls! Happy Tuesday!

We are in the special week called Holy Week.

You must be getting excited that Easter is so close!

Let’s begin the day by saying the Our Father prayer and then pray:

This is the day the Lord has made,

Let us rejoice and be glad.


Remember to do work at your own pace throughout today.

All assignments for today will be due on return to school.

Please remember that I am available at during school hours (8am to 3pm) Monday through Friday if you have any questions about your work.


I want to thank all of you, students and parents, for your hard work and support during these past few weeks. You have been truly amazing! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!! I love looking at all the photos and reading the messages you have been sending! They make me smile and it reinforces my faith that we will get through this together. I’m really looking forward to when I’ll see your smiling faces back at school!

Please continue your prayers for all those who are sick, those we have lost and those loved ones affected by the Coronavirus. Also continue to pray for our heroes; the first responders, medical personnel and all those who are sacrificing to make this a functional society.

Please remember that I’m here if you have any questions, comments, need advice or just want to say hello from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.

Stay healthy and may your family have a wonderful Easter!


Mrs. Turano


Our  1st Grade work packet for this week can be found on the school’s main page.

Please select the file called 1st.PDF and then right-click and
select "Download". The file will then download to your computer.


 Please see the section below for this week's special teacher assignments in

 Art, Music/Library, Gym and Computer.


 Work will be given this week from Monday to Wednesday only.

Fundations:  1. Please practice memorizing the following sounds (say letters, key word, sound):  a__e – safe - __ / ai – bait - __ / ay – play - __ / e__e – Pete - __  / ee – jeep - __ / ea – eat - __ / ey – key - __ / o__e – home - __ / oa – boat - __ / ow – snow plow – 2 sounds the ow makes /i__e – five - __ / u_e – mule - __ /  ar – car - __ / or – horn - __ / ur – hurt - __ / ir – bird - __ / er – her - __ / sh – ship - __ / wh – whistle - __ / th – thumb - __ / ch – chin - __ / ck – sock - __ / oi – oil - __ / oy – boy - __ / oo – school book – 2 sounds oo makes / ung – lung - __  / ong – song - __  /ing – ring - __ / ang – hang - __/ unk – junk - __ / ink – pink - __ / ank – bank - __ / onk – honk - __ / ue – blue rescue - __ /  ew – chew - __ / ou - trout soup – (2 sounds for ou as in trout and soup)

                                    2. Please read this paragraph two times out loud for speed and accuracy.

A boy and girl had a very big goat. One day, the boy and girl went out to the backyard and let him eat the green grass. Wow, he ate a lot! They did not need to mow the grass.    


Here are video links to practice Fundations sounds with Mrs. Turano:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Click on the links below for help with Fundations!  (Orientation packet for review) 

( Unit 1 and practice letter writing) (letter sounds)   (vowel teams) (digraphs)  (glued sounds)  (r - controlled vowel) (baseword and suffix s) (long and short vowel sounds)


ELA:  1. I Can Read Vowel Team Stories #4 sheet – Please download the sheet on the school website. Read the story and answer the two questions. Place the completed sheet in your folder.

           2. Complete the Thumbs Up worksheet. Read the paragraph and answer questions 1-3 and complete the Text Marking. Text Markings: Place a circle around the sentence that is the main idea. Place a line under a sentence that gives you one detail about the main idea. Place the completed sheet in your older.

Here is a video to help assist you: 

  Here is a video link for Sight Word practice while at home.

(New sight words and vocabulary words will be posted on April 6th.  Please just keep practicing

all your prior sight words for now.)

Parents: These are great optional resources for reading/phonics:

New: If you would like to receive a free digital subscription To Time for Kids until the end of the school year, please go to and complete the form.

*This website has free access through the class account I set up. It has fantastic Read to Me storybooks, books, audio books, and videos to just relax and enjoy!

          Laptop or Chromebook:  - Sign in with your class code: hjy1733

          iOS/Android:  Open Epic! app – Click on “Have an account? SignIn” then click on “Students & 

          Educators” – Sign in with your class code: hjy1733

*You can set up a free parent account for your child:

*No need for an account and it is another great source for storybooks:

*Please remember to read 10 to 15 minutes daily. Practice decoding words and reading fluently (the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression). While reading, ask your child questions to reinforce comprehension skills.


Math:   1. Graded Assessment - Go to and use your username and password to enter.

There are two assignments listed (Subtract Tens and Compare Length 1) for you to do. These two will be graded as one assessment.  Please take each assessment only one time. The number of times you take it appears on the teacher console.  Please complete both (20 questions total).  You will have until tomorrow at 3:00 pm to complete your graded assessment.

Parents: These are great optional resources for extra practice:   (time)   (time)  (time)  (you can set up a free parent account for your child)  (this is a website for free downloadable math worksheets) / (use your username and password) (free math games)    (a program to practice addition and subtraction skills)  (my video lesson on measurement)



Religion: 1. Please use the sheets you printed out last week for the two Religion projects. Please continue to work on completing the two projects today and Wednesday.

Please click the link below to watch a video of Ms. Critelli explaining this week’s project. 

 WIN_20200329_121302 (1).MP4

          2.* I would love it if you could make a beautiful cross (be creative) for Holy Week and have a photo taken of you holding it up (no name showing, please). Please email your photo to me by Wednesday, April 8th at 12:00 pm for me to send all our class photos to our Facebook Administrator. Thank you so much!


Social Studies:  1. Watch the video of Johnny Appleseed at:

                                2. Read aloud and discuss pages 140 and 141. At the top, draw a picture in the box to show what you think Johnny Appleseed would do next. Underline a fact about Annie Oakley on page 140 and underline the words in the sentence that tell how Davy Crockett and Annie Oakley were alike on page 141. Think and discuss: Which of the two would you like to have met? Why?

Some enjoyable websites!

New    (exercise video)


Let’s end the day by saying the Hail Mary prayer.

Thank you for the wonderful work today!

I’m proud of you as always!

I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!


Miss U Spongebob Squarepants GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


From my home to yours! I miss you!

Please click below for a story from Mrs. Turano:   


Previous assignments from this week:

Fundations:  Practice the sounds above.

ELA:  1. Missing Vowel Team sheet – Please download the sheet on the school website for “Missing Vowel Teams with ey words” and neatly print the long ey words to complete the sentences.

         2. Find the Main Idea sheet. Today we will be reviewing finding the Main Idea. Remember, the Main Idea is what the story is mostly about. 

Please complete Find the Main Idea sheet located in the packet download found on the  St. Luke Website main page. Read the paragraph carefully.  Place in your red take-home folder.

Here is a video to help assist you: 

Math:  1. Do pages 545 and 546.

               2. Please play one or both of these games to practice time to the hour.

Religion: Please use the sheets you printed out last week for the two Religion projects. Please work on completing the two projects today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

Please click the link below to watch a video of Ms. Critelli explaining this week’s project. 

 WIN_20200329_121302 (1).MP4

Social Studies:  1. Read aloud and discuss page 138.

                        2. Watch the video on holidays and heroes.


Important Information

Music and Library: Learning materials/assignments will be forwarded via Parent Alert.

Gym: Please click the link below to access your Gym assignment.

Art: Please see your teacher's class page under "Programs" at the top of the page.

Computer: Please see your teacher's class page under "Programs" at the top of the page.

Mrs. Mucciacciaro's Reading Specialist Students: Please see your teacher's class page (Literacy Specialist) under "Programs" at the top of this page.

*Please check e-envelope for important information.

Writing Weekend News on Monday mornings!  Please review what you did with your child over the weekend (family activities, special events, etc.) before school on Monday so that it is fresh in your child's mind. In class, your child will write one or two sentences in their Weekend News notebook and illustrate it. This will be an activity we do each Monday throughout the school year.
Reading Logs

Read to Succeed Contest!  Please download the Reading Log on e-envelope. Have your child read 10 to 15 minutes nightly. Reading Logs will be collected from all students every Friday.  Your child will write the title of the book, number of pages and one sentence to tell what the book was about. Parents will print the number of minutes read daily and sign each day.  The grade with the most hours logged by Memorial Day 2020 will be treated to an In-School Trip/Movie Day and Pajama Day with treats!! Three individual readers with the most logged hours will receive a basket of personalized reading material and gifts prepared by Ms. Barry!

Our next Reading Log for Mrs. Barry's contest will be due on upon return.

Please return any library books you have at home upon return.

English Language Arts


(Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, Writing)

Please read 10 to 15 minutes daily. Practice decoding words and reading fluently (the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression). While reading, ask your child questions to reinforce comprehension skills. Please also practice sounding out words for writing sentences.


Please memorize all keywords to help in memorizing the letters sounds!

  • Sounds for all consonants and the short vowels a,e,i,o,u. Memorize keywords for letter sounds:   a - apple - (say "a" sound), b - bat - (say "b" sound), c - cat - (say "c" sound), etc. Practice "tapping out" the words as well.
  • Sounds for the consonant digraphs: ck, sh, ch, wh, th. 
  • Bonus Letter Rule - Use ll, ss, ff when printing one syllable short vowel words.  Example: fall, puff, miss.
  • Sounds for all, am, an.
  • A suffix is an ending to a word. We are adding the suffix 's' to a baseword such as dogs.
  • Glued sounds for ang, ong, ing, ung, ank, ink, unk, onk. Procedure:  RANG - "R" one tap with first finger, "ANG" one tap with last three fingers.
  • Sounds for "ar" and "or" (as in park and fork). For "ar": Say the letters ar, then say the keyword car, then the sound /ar/. For "or": Say the letters or, then say the keyword horn, then the sound /or/.
  • Sounds for "er","ir" and "ur" (as in her, bird and burn). For "er": Say the letters er, then say the keyword her, then the sound /er/. For "ir": Say the letters ir, then say the keyword bird, then the sound /ir/. For "ur": Say the letters ur, then say the keyword burn, then the sound /ur/.
  • Syllables are a part of a word that is pushed out in one breath. A closed syllable has one vowel only and must be closed in by consonants – either on one side (at, up, it) or both sides (sun, bat, wish).
  • Long vowels: The placement of the letter "e" at the end of a word makes the word a long vowel word. Example:  can  becomes  cane   Remember:  When the vowels do the walking, the first one does the talking. He likes to say his name. bite
  • Keywords are the words that are said aloud with letters to help memorize the sound.
  • Long vowel sounds for "ai" (say ai - bait - sound for ai) and "ay" (say ay - play).
  • Long vowel sounds for "ee" (say ee - jeep - sound for ee), "ea" (say ea - eat") and "ey" (say ey - key - sound for ey).
  • Long vowel sounds for "oa" (say oa - boat - sound for oa), "oe" (say oe - toe - sound for oe) and the two sounds the letters "ow" make (say ow - snow - sound for ow and say ow - plow - the sound for ow). for ey).
  • Vowel teams: "oi" (say: oi - coin - sound for oi) and "oy" (say oy - boy - sound for oy).
  • Vowel teams: Two sounds the letters  "ou" make  (say ou - trout -  sound of ou and say ou - soup - sound for ou) and the two sounds the letters "oo" make (say oo - school - sound for oo and say oo - book - sound for oo).
  • Vowel teams: Two sounds the letters  "ue" make  (say ue - blue -  sound of ue and say ue - rescue - sound for ue) and the sound the letters "ew" make (say ew - chew- sound for ew).   

Thank you very much for your support in helping your child learn to read and write fluently!


Please go directly to and then select the sign-in button at the top of the page. Type in your username and password to gain access to your Mathletics assignment. Please feel free to use the website at any time to practice math skills.

Social Studies  


Happy April Birthday!

Elizabeth - April 1

Olivia - April 1

Nicholas - April 17


   Grading Policy


ELA:   Assessments: 50%   /   Writing Assignments: 20%   /   Comprehension: 20%   /  Spelling Drills: 10%
Math:   Assessments: 75%  /   Math Drills: 25%
Science:   Assessments: 75%  /   Lab: 25%
Social Studies:   Assessments: 75%  /   Projects: 25%
Religion:   Assessments: 50%  /   Projects: 25%  /    Prayers: 25%

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