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 Class 1-1


 Ms. Critelli


     Welcome to First Grade!

     📓   🎒    📚 

Please join my Google Classroom using your CHILD's school email address. My Google Classroom code is:



Supply List - Hokes Bluff Elementary School


                                                                                          Supply List for 1st Grade - 2021-2022

                                    Please send in these items below for the first week of school:

          4 boxes of yellow pencils SHARPENED

2 - 5 packs of glue sticks

2 boxes- 48 Crayola crayons

2 boxes - 12 colored pencils

1 large pink eraser 

Plastic Art Supply Box (5 x 7)

1 small enclosed pencil sharpener 

1 large soft pencil case

1 pair of child safety scissors 

3 reams of copy paper 8 ½ x 11

   All labeled with child’s name on the outside:

*(No substitutions for the notebooks)*

3 Mead Primary Composition Books, Full Page Ruled, Grades K-2, 100 Sheets, 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" 

1 Mead Primary Journal, Half Page Ruled, Grades K-2, 100 Sheets, 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" 

1 red plastic two-pocket folder

1 blue plastic two-pocket folder

1 yellow plastic two-pocket folder

A Chromebook or laptop with a carrying case. (Please keep at home until asked to bring in).


Library/Music Class

1 two-pocket folder -  clearly labeled MUSIC/LIBRARY with student’s name on the outside

1 box - 48 count Crayola crayons -   all items bagged and labeled “LIBRARY CLASS

Physical Education Class 

 Velcro or lace-up sneakers


 Computer Class

        1 ream of copy paper 

Inexpensive earbuds or headphones. No AirPods or Beats. No Bluetooth. They must be able to plug directly into the computer.

  Art Class 

1 container of Clorox wipes

24 count Crayola crayons

10 count Crayola markers

12 count Crayola colored pencils - all items bagged and labeled“ ART CLASS”



  Please send in these items below during the first 2 weeks of school:


                        2  boxes of facial tissues                                      

                      2 containers of baby wipes                                 

                          3 containers of Clorox wipes                                  

  1 pack (gallon size) Ziplock Bags   

         2 rolls of paper towels                            


                                                Uniforms - For uniform information, please visit www.flynnohara.com 

St. Luke’s Webpage - Please visit our website www.slswhitestone.org 

Have a healthy and enjoyable summer!


Scholastic Class Code: NP489 


            If your child is absent, they must bring in an absent note when they return to school. Please do not email the absent note.

Extra help will be offered on Mondays and Tuesdays by invitation only. Please arrive no earlier than 7:45 am by Mrs. Angotti. 

Students need to comply with school rules in all areas of the school (classroom, hallways, cafeteria, schoolyard, etc.).

If improper behavior persists, you will be contacted by e-mail and your child may receive a time-out. If improvement is still not seen, it may be necessary to contact you for a phone or face-to-face meeting. If something occurs that needs immediate attention, you will be contacted that day.

Incentives for positive conduct and listening are always stressed.

Conduct and classwork are included in the Personal Progress area of your child’s Report Card.

Mid-Trimester Progress Reports are also sent home for areas needing improvement in conduct and academics.


 Please note:

All students must be adhering to the uniform policy listed in the handbook.  Specifically, BOYS must be wearing a short OR long sleeve white shirt AND tie. Boys may not wear a polo.  Girls may wear a polo (short or long sleeve) or a white button-down blouse with blue slacks or jumper. Only shoes listed in the handbook may be worn. Black sneakers are NOT school shoes. Girls of any age may not wear ANY makeup or nail polish.



Monday: Health (September through December) and Library

Tuesday: Spanish and Computers

 Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: Gym (please wear gym uniform and sneakers to school)


interactive science

Our Science Fusion Book


Log into the http://www-k6thinkcentral.com

link in the box for Go Math! to the left of this box.

Click the "My Library" tab

Click on "Science" in the left column.

Click on Student Edition G1

Click Logo

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Log in information 





  Click the My Library” tab  

 Click Logo 
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Log in:

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          (Please allow 24-48 hours for tests to be graded and put on Option C, and for email responses as well).  If there is an emergency, please call the office.   








Sight Words and Vocabulary Words












Religion: Pray Hail Mary daily -Our Blessed Mother loves to hear from you!


Social Studies




 Grading Policy:


Assessments (Grammar, Phonics, Vocabulary)  50%
Writing Assignments: 20%
Comprehension: 20%
Spelling Drills: 10%
Assessments: 75%
Math Drills: 25%
Assessments: 75%
Lab: 25%
Social Studies 
Assessments: 75%
Projects: 25%
Assessments: 50%
Projects: 25%
Prayers: 25%



Subject Title Publisher ISBN # Copyright


Go Math

Houghton Mifflin




Phonics Level A

Modern Curriculum Press




New York Progress



Interactive Science





We Believe




 Reader: Here and There
Reader: Catch a Dream
Reader: Gather Around
Reader: Time Together




Pre-K 2
2022 COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Updated COVID Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines


The New York State Approach to COVID Quarantine

Effective March 8, 2022


After review of the NYC DOH and NYS DOH updated COVID Quarantine and Isolation please see the updated Quarantine and Isolation guidelines for the Catholic Academy’s and Parish Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn effective March 8, 2022.


Updated Quarantine Guidelines


NYS DOH Quarantine Exception for Schools (K-12)

  • Exposed unvaccinated students, teachers and staff who are required to quarantine can attend or work at school during the quarantine period where COVID Health and Safety protocols i.e.  masking and test to stay programs are monitored and enforced.
  • They may also attend or work at school-based extracurricular activities that do not involve participants from other schools. (e.g., not competitive sports events with other schools)
  • They may attend or work at certain eligible childcare programs for school-age children, such as early drop off programs and aftercare.  
  • However, these individuals should continue to quarantine as otherwise required outside of school and these school-related activities. 
  • Face coverings are recommended (optional) while riding the school bus.
  • Face coverings are required in the Nurses Office/Medical Room.
  • Fully vaccinated 5–11-year-old children who are not eligible for the booster, have no further restrictions.



Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten

Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten, including NYC DOE funded programs, students who were exposed to COVID-19 can return to school after 10 days where the Exposure Date is Day 0 or when:

  • Children can return from quarantine on Day 8, with proof of a negative diagnostic COVID-19 test performed on Day 5 or later after exposure.  (Day 0 is the date of exposure)
  • The test can be any molecular test, or an at home-test that is explicitly intended for use by children as young as 2.
  • If an at home test is used, two tests within 24 hours are required to return to school on Day 8.


Who does Not Have to Quarantine After Close Contact with Someone With COVID-19?

• Anyone ages 12 or older and who has received all CDC recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses, including boosters if eligible and additional primary shots for some immunocompromised people.

• Anyone ages 5-11 years old who has completed the primary series of COVID-19 vaccines.

• Anyone who has had confirmed COVID-19 within the last 90 days (tested positive using a viral test, e.g., antigen or PCR).


Who Has to Quarantine After Close Contact with Someone With COVID-19?

• Anyone ages 12 or older who has completed the primary series of recommended vaccine abut are not up to date with vaccines, meaning they have not received a booster when eligible

• Anyone who has not completed a primary vaccine series.

• Anyone who is not vaccinated.

Please Note: These individuals may attend or work at school; they may also attend or work at school-based extracurricular activities that do not involve participants from other schools. (e.g., not competitive sports events with other schools) and they may attend or work at certain eligible childcare programs for school-age children, such as early drop off programs and aftercare during the quarantine period where COVID Health and Safety protocols i.e.  masking and test to stay programs are monitored and enforced.


How to Quarantine

  • Stay home for at least 5 days (day 0 through day 5) after the date of the last contact with a person who has COVID-19. The date of contact (exposure) is considered day 0.
    • For example: A person is exposed on January 2, this would be Day 0, count 5 days of quarantine until January 7, this would be Day 5. Return to school on January 8, this would be the first day quarantine free.


  • To continue to attend school or work after an exposure to COVID-19 please note the following:
    • Strongly recommended: Wear a face covering while at school/work for five days after the date of exposure. The date of exposure is considered day 0.
    • Required: Participate in the Test to Stay Strategy. Faculty, staff, and students required to quarantine are required to test at days 2-3 (or the first school day after the exposure is identified) and day 5 using COVID tests available from Federal, City and State resources. 
    • Required: Submit the signed testing affirmation to the school on days 1 and 5.
    • Faculty, Staff and Students can continue to attend school/work if the COVID tests are negative.
    • If a Faculty, Staff or Student tests positive they should stay home and follow the Isolation protocols and notify the school of the positive test result.
  • Continue to monitor for 10 days after the date of the last close contact with someone with COVID-19, watch for fever (100.4◦F or greater), cough, shortness of breath, or other COVID-19 symptoms.  If symptoms develop, get tested immediately and isolate until test results arrive. If test result is positive, follow isolation guidelines.
  • Unvaccinated, not fully vaccinated or 12 years or older -Fully Vaccinated, Booster eligible, but NOT received a Booster, faculty, staff, or student who are identified as a close contact who does not follow the test to stay preventive strategy and does not submit proof of a negative COVID test on Day 1 and Day 5 are required to quarantine for five days from date of exposure where the exposure date is Day 0.


Updated Isolation Guidelines


New York State Approach to COVID-19 Isolation

Isolation is used to separate people with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 from those without COVID-19.


Who Has to Isolate?

People who are confirmed to have COVID-19 or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 need to isolate regardless of their vaccination status. This includes:

  • People who have a positive viral test (e.g., antigen or PCR) for COVID-19, regardless of whether they have symptoms.
  • People with symptoms of COVID-19including those who are awaiting test results (Rapid or PCR) or have not been tested
  • People with symptoms should isolate even if they do not know if they have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19.



How to Isolate

  • Stay home, in a separate room from other household members, if possible, for at least 5 days from onset of symptoms or positive test date, whichever came first.
  • Isolate for at least 5 days, if symptoms persist a longer isolation will be required.
  • Return from Isolation after a minimum of 5 days and the following: (Positive Test date or Symptom Onset Date is Day 0)
    • Fever free for 24 hours with no fever reducing medication
    • Symptoms are improving
    • Licensed Healthcare Provider Note, dated after Day 5, stating the individual can safely return to in person instruction
  • REQUIRED: To wear a face covering while at school/work for Days 6-10 after returning to school/work after testing positive for COVID-19.



Exhibit COVID-19 Symptoms During the School Day:

If an individual exhibits COVID-19 symptom during the school day, schools should implement Isolation protocols.

Individuals who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms during the school day are required to isolate and get tested for COVID-19. The individual can return to school when:


  • Negative Lab based COVID-19 test or alternative diagnosis (healthcare provider)
  • Fever free for 24 hours with no fever reducing medication
  • Symptoms are improving


Please Note: These guidelines are subject to change as the pandemic continues to evolve and updated information is received by City and State agencies.

Please Note: Currently, NYC is identified by the CDC as a Low COVID-19 Community Level. If NYC is identified as a High COVID-19 Community Level the mask mandate can be reinstated by city and state health officials.

Please Note: The Office of the Superintendents of Schools for the Diocese of Brooklyn reserves the right to implement COVID health and safety guidelines that go above the required city and state COVID health and safety guidelines.