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Adventure is always afoot, and there are great discoveries to be made.  Our Preschool is a wonderland of opportunity to explore, discover and encounter the world all at arms length, and in the spirit of good fun! Preschoolers develop a remarkable sense of well being, accomplishment and independence in our Program.

REQUIREMENTS: 4 years old  by December 31

FULL DAY SESSION: 8:15am – 2:50pm    

St. Luke’s Pre-Kindergarten program is a hands-on-program which incorporates a broad spectrum of teaching and learning strategies to help your child develop the concepts and skills needed to flourish in school. Our curriculum incorporates the liturgical calendar and monthly themes include elements of religious education appropriate for preschoolers.

Ready To Read: Through entertaining literature, music, dance, puppetry, and games we learn letter recognition and sound skills. We then put it all together to form words, and more. Every day we read great tales and the classics with our children. Boys and girls have the opportunity to share their favorites.  PK students attend weekly Library classes.

Discovery Time: Nature and science to fascinate and ponder. Expeditions and experiments, too, of course! In the computer lab, we explore the fun and creative aspects of technology.

Art & Music Is Me: Every medium is made child ready for our children to express artistic energy.  Singing, dancing, rhythmic movements stir up the fun and enhance our learning each day.

Gymercise: Strength and fitness build with all the high-energy fun. Pre-K receives physical education classes once a week.  In our outdoor playground, there’s everything available for a preschooler to have healthful fun in his/her own way.

Themes & Festivals: Celebrate learning and discovery with others. Festival themes are wide ranging and celebrated throughout the year. Themes & Festivals include Seasons, Holidays, Dental Care, Health and Safety, Wacky Wednesday, Best Buddies Day and more.

Friendship & Helping Hands: We learn about the needs and feelings of others and how to resolve conflicts in a better way for ourselves and our friends. Caring may mean helping too and we explore the ways it may be done.

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