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St. Luke’s School Nursery Program 
gently introduces your child to a world of learning.

REQUIREMENTS:  3 years old  by December  31

5 Day HALF and FULL DAY Programs Available

Half Day - 8:15AM - 11:40AM
Full Day - 8:15AM - 2:40PM

Morning and Afterschool Care available for full day students

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Your little one’s getting bigger and telling you in many ways that it’s time for the challenges and pleasures of school; new friends, exciting things to do, and that very special first teacher. Our Nursery program is full of warmth and caring just like home. We work together with our parents because we know that for every child, Mom and Dad are the first and most important teachers.

At School on My Own
The first goal of our program is to help your child gain the confidence and sense of security needed to be at school on their own, and to help you trust that he or she will be fine. We take a flexible approach with each family because each family is unique. Our relaxed attitude is less stressful for all and leads more quickly to success.

Preschool is an important steppingstone on the way to formal schooling and all that lies beyond, so finding the right preschool for your child is vital.  St. Luke’s Nursery Program is a well-rounded, hands-on Preschool program which encourages independence, creativity, curiosity and exploration while providing basic knowledge preschoolers need to succeed.

For the young, small is beautiful. Our class – of no more than eighteen children, supervised by a teacher and an aide – is kept that way so we can  be certain there will be time to get to know – and nurture – each child. A small group and low teacher/child ratio make it possible to be there when children need help taking turns, playing together and resolving squabbles. It also gives us the freedom and the flexibility to respond to individual needs and interests.


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Welcome, Prayer, Play Time

Circle Time: Morning Routine 
Literacy Development
Mathematics Exploration 
Snack, Bathroom Time
Story Time
Smart Board Activities
Music & Movement
Outdoor Play
   (Dismissal of ½ day at 11:15)
Lunch, Bathroom Time
Rest time
Hands on Science
Bible Activities
Table Top Learning Centers
Goodbye Songs, Prayer


St. Luke School
A Great Place to Learn!

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