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 Pre-K 1
Ms. Kelley 




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St. Luke's Carnival on Thursday, June 1 from 11:30 to 2:30.  All PreK students must be accompanied by an adult to attend.  Please see the Parent e-envelope for 
permission slip, bracelet sales and all information.  

Please do not send in lemonade drinks due to citrus allergy.


Save the Dates


May 22 - June Milk money is due

May 26th - May Crowining -PreK does not attend the May crowning - dismissal
is at 11:15 am 

May 29th - Memorial Day - No School

May 30th -$2.00 Dress Down 

St. Luke's Carnival 
June 1st - June 4th
St. Luke student day at the carnival is Thursday, June 1st.  
Watch the Parent eEnvelope for more details.

Dad (OR 1 male family member/friend) is invited to join
your child for some healthy competition in the gym.   Please be here at 9:25 am, as the games will start at 9:30 till approximately 10:15.  We will then go into the 
cafeteria for bagels, coffee, cookies, water and juice.
Attendees should dress comfortably as they will be exercising
and running around alongside the children!!
Let me know (in writing) if no one is able to join your child.
I will get a 7th or 8th grade boy to accompany them. 



We will begin a new homework procedure beginning on Monday, Feb. 27th.
Homework will be sent home in the Red Homework Folder twice a week.
1st- It will go home on Monday and is due back on Wed. It will be the number and name tracing page.
2nd - It will go home on Wed. and is due back on Fri. It will be
the letter of the week that  you pull out from the Crayola book
that you keep at home. Check below to see what letter we
are learning each week.
In addition, every week we will be learning  Pre-primer Dolch sight words.
 The first 7 sight words can not be decoded (sounded out).  
They must be memorized.
The words this week (2/27) are:  a, and.
         (3/5) are: one, said
(3/12) are: the, two

(3/19) are: where, it  (where is the 7th and last word that must be memorized, the next word (it)  and all that follow can be sounded out) 
(3/28) are: is, in
(4/2) are: big, little, I
(4/9) are: we, look, see

(4/23) are: who, what, when, why
(5/1) are: my, three, red
(5/8) are: run, away, can
(5/14) are: blue, to, you
(5/21) are: yellow, play, jump

Please continue to send in your boxtops!

We have  20 students, 10 girls and 10 boys.

 We will be a peanut free classroom
 and a citrus/cucumber/pickle free classroom, No orange juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, lemonade, or citrus fruits (oranges, lemons,
grapefruits, clementines, cucumbers, pickles, pineapple),  and no peanut butter.
 Please note that the citrus allergy is airborne.  Tree nuts ie almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts etc. are OK.  (This is new).
When reading labels do not send in any item that is processed on machinery with nuts.  

For birthday parties please send in Oreos, Chips Ahoy, pretzels (that are not processed on machinery with any kind of peanut, or peanut oil) or ice cream.
  No ice pops or  homemade goods are permitted.  Anaphylaxis is life threatening.  Please help me to insure the health of well being of all the children in Pre-K.


dismissal area as soon as you pick up
your child - cross the street if you are waiting for other children.
 The side walk in front of the school needs to be clear
so that all students can be dismissed promptly.  
Teachers cannot dismiss unless the area is clear.
 Thank you for your co


Please practice at home with you child alternating his/her feet on the stairs
going down.  Many of the children are putting both feet on the same
step before moving on to the next step.  

Week of May 21st 2017

  1.   Homework will go home today and is due back on Wed. May 24h.    Please also return the book in the baggie with the reading log on Wed. Your child will get a new book on Wed.  only when the previous book is returned.  
  1.  Computer 
  1. Music Day
  2. Homework -Letter Review in Red Folder. Return it in the red homework folder on Friday.
  3. Please return the book in the baggie with the reading log.  A new book will go home today only if you returned the previous book.
Please read with or to your child every night for 15 minutes.  
  Please fill in the title and
sign once that you read every night for one week.  New books will go
home every Wed. when the previous book is returned.   After reading the book,
ask you child who was in the story, where did the story take place,
what happened in the story.  Please do not write or circle any words
in these books. If you do not return the book, your child
will not get a new book.
 You will have to provide books for your child to read. These books
are my own personal books which I purchased this year thru ebay.   


1. Gym


May Crowning on Lawn for grades K-8.  Dismissal is at 11:15

What We Are Learning.....

RELIGION - Jonah and the Whale
Review of letters and sounds A to Z
A and its two sounds a-apple and a (ape)
B -bear
C- cat and C-cirlce
E- elephant and E- ear
F- fish
G - goat and  G-giraffe
I - itch and I-ice cream
J- jelly
N- newspaper
O - octopus, ocean
P- pig
Q - queen
R- rabbit
U-umbrella, unicorn
V- violin
X- x-ray
Z- zebra

Rhyming -ox,  ot, un, et, en, ut,  in, it,  ap, ed, at, an, ig, ag, ill word families.

NUMBER - Number ten and review of numbers nine, eight, seven, six, five,  four, three,  two, one and  zero
MATH CONCEPT -  Patterns, Sorting by attributes (color, shape and size ),
bar graphs, big, small, bigger, biggest, small, smaller, smallest, short, tall,
 counting and comparing (more, less, equal) before, after, between, add and subtract.
COLORS - Gray, White, Black,  Brown,  Purple, Pink, Orange,  Blue, Yellow,
red and green

SCIENCE -   Water,  Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas) , Habitats



Shapes - Diamond,  Oval, rectangle,  triangle, square, and circle
WRITING - Writing first name starting with a capital letter and
the rest is lowercase.

Cutting - proper finger placement is so important.
DIRECTIONALITY - Left to Right, Top to Bottom
SAFETY PROCEDURES - Walking safely on the stairs while
alternating our feet

Using Art and Music as a way to express our feelings.
EMOTIONAL LITERACY - How to express our feelings- happy, angry, sad, scared.

PROCEDURES -  Procedures, procedures, procedures
from morning routine to handwashing to center time to dismissal!!!
FYI - BIRTHDAYS - -You may come in for their birthday without
being  VIRTUS CERTIFIED. (This is new!).  Please arrive
at 9:15 and plan on staying 20 minutes.
Please let the teacher know at least one week in advance if you would like to share a special treat with the class on your child’s birthday.  
Due to NUT allergies, the following items ARE NOT permitted in class ---->
NO home baked goods or store bought items that contain nuts/nut oils
or are processed in a facility where any kind of nut/nut oil are used).  
You may send in Chips Ahoy or Oreo cookies, ice cream, 
Children are to arrive at school no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and no later
than 8:15 a.m.   In the beginning of the year, it may be especially difficult to separate from your child.  Don’t be surprised or disappointed if children who attended school last year experience some reluctance
to be left in this new setting.  To make this transition easier,
it is important to bring your child, hug them and reassure them that
school is a great place to be. Please leave QUICKLY
AND WITHOUT FANFARE. From the outset, we try to
comfort them and yet direct them
toward active independence.  Beginning in October, children will
proceed up to class by themselves.  The classroom aides will guide them.
Children will be dismissed through the door by security on bad weather days.   Dismissal is at 2:50p.m.  Please be prompt when picking
up your child. If you are unable to pick up your child and are sending someone else, please send a note in your child’s folder marked URGENT
or notify the main office by phone (718) 746-3833.  No child will be
allowed to go home with anyone
other than a parent or an adult designated by the parent.
Your child’s folder will contain the daily work, crafts and notices
that are sent home.  It must be emptied and returned daily.  If you have any messages or money for us, send it to school via the folder.  
1 Milk Per Day – the cost will by $10.00 a month – (total cost for year $100.00)
2 Milk Per Day – the cost will be $20.00 a month – (total cost for year $200.00)
If you choose to pay monthly, the due date for payment is listed on the website calendar. (www.slswhitestone.org).
Submit your monthly order by the due date in an envelope to your child's homeroom teacher
.                 Please note if you are ordering white or chocolate milk and if it is for snack or lunch or both. Please write your child’s first
and last name and class on the envelope too.
GYM CLASS-  Thursday
Students must wear sneakers, Velcro preferred.  (No slip on, open back or platform sneakers permitted).
Label only the OUTSIDE of your child’s backpack, lunch box, snack bag, folders, and clothing.
HALF DAYS- There will be half-days that occur throughout the school year.
 When this occurs, Pre-K students will attend class from 8:00 to 11:15 a.m.
ABSENTEE NOTES- Please call the school on the first day
of an absence by 8:30 a.m. Upon returning to school, we must
have an absence note stating the reason for the absence(s),
the date(s) absent, and your signature.  For absences of three
or more days a Doctor’s note MUST accompany a returning child.
We are peanut free! 
There is a student in Pre-k with a nut allergy!  
Anaphylaxis is life threatening! Please help us protect the health and well-being of ALL Pre-K students!
All items for snack, lunch and birthday celebrations must not contain any peanuts (i.e. no peanut butter,).  Items cannot be processed on machinery with any kind of peanuts (i.e. no Dunkin Donuts or Carvel etc.).  Please read labels carefully.
 No homemade treats for birthday celebrations
as we must be able to read the label.
Itis important for children to eat a healthy breakfast prior to
coming to school.   Students should bring a healthy snack in a zip
lock bag clearly marked with their name.  No glass containers please.  
White or chocolate milk can be purchased at school
(money is sent in monthly if you have not paid for the year).
 Make a note of white or chocolate milk and let us know
if it is for snack or lunch.  Check the monthly calendar for the
due date- late milk payments will NOT be accepted.
Lunch will be in the classroom.  Lunch should be packed in a clearly
labeled lunch bag/box.  Milk can be ordered or you may provide
a non-glass container.  If you plan on using a thermos, please
test it to assure that it does not leak.
 BIRTHDAYS- Please let the teacher know at least one week in
advance if you would like to share a special treat with the class
on your child’s birthday.   Birthday party invitations cannot be
sent home via class unless each child is receiving one.
RECESS- The children will be brought outside daily for play time, (weather permitting).  They will be supervised in the Playground.
REST TIME- There will be a rest/quiet period in the afternoon.  It is important to keep in mind that these children will be up early and continually busy
all morning. This time will enable them to recharge for afternoon activities.
If at any time there is a need to speak to the teacher, please do not hesitate to send in a note via the folder or call the school and leave a message.  An open line of communication is important.
ATTIRE- Pre-K has a school uniform which must be worn - Red shirt with school logo (long and short sleeves), shorts/sweats with an elastic waist, and sneakers with white crew socks. Label all hats, coats, gloves etc.  Uniforms can be purchased through www.flynnohara.com.
According to the school dress code, students are not permitted to wear jewelry other than religious medals.  No large/hoop/dangling earrings, rings or bracelets.
No high heels, backless shoes, or sandals are permitted.
$2.00 DOLLAR DRESS DOWN DAYS- Your child has the option of wearing appropriate casual clothing on school designated dress down days.
 These days are clearly marked on the monthly calendar.  Send in $2.00 in an envelope marked with your child’s name on a dress down day .
  We recommend pull on pants, as belts, zippers, buttons, and
snaps are difficult for them at this age.
BATHROOM- All Pre-K students must be toilet trained.  Students
have access to the bathroom located outside our room and are
encouraged to notify the teacher when he/she needs to use the bathroom.  
In the event of an accident, we will contact you to come to school to
change your child.  Please bring your child to the bathroom
downstairs by the security desk each morning prior to the start of class.
 He/she will be ready to jump right into our day.
     Please notify the school of any changes in address, telephone numbers,
or emergency contacts.  Also, please make sure that those people
listed as your emergency contacts know that they have been
designated as such and that they speak English.
    Any parent or friend that has a special occupation (policeman,
fireman, nurse, etc) or special hobby (crafts, crocheting, etc)
that you would like to share with the class, please let us know.
The children would love it!  Guests need to be Virtus certified to
interact with students in class/on trips.  See Web site for additional
information to become certified.
        If there is any change in your child’s life that may affect him/her,
please let us know so that we may help and understand
any change in behavior.
Absolutely NO medication will be dispensed by the teacher. 
Parents should consult with the school nurse regarding any condition
that requires monitoring and medication (epi-pen, inhalers for asthma, etc.).
 If your child has a serious or contagious illness, the school should be
notified and the child should remain at home until cleared by
their pediatrician. Please remember that an absence note is required
when a child returns to school.
Pre-school is a time for developing reading readiness skills, social skills,
and good work habits.  We encourage all parents to foster good
reading habits by reading to their child daily. Always check your child’s folder, praise their work and effort, and try to reinforce what they are learning.
 Remember to set aside some time each day to discuss the day’s
activities with your child and show them that you are interested in
what they say and how they feel. Let them know you are
proud of their work and efforts, as we will.
Please visit the St. Luke School Website at www.slswhitestone.org
daily for information on homework, upcoming events, and news.  
Please be sure to visit the entire website, especially the sections
noted below:
·         Click on homework tab, then Pre-K, then PreK-1 for Ms. Kelley, Room 212, or Prek-2 for Ms. O’Brien, Room 213.
·         Click on Parent tab, then Family e Envelope (password is 22luke$).  Thenpress continue(not enter).
·         Click on Calendar – to see the events each month.  Please note the
calendar is constantly updated, so visit often.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate
to contact me. Thank you for trusting your precious little ones to our care.  
We look forward to a great year with them!           
We will attend:
Computer is on Tuesday
Music is on Wed.
·         GYM is on Thursday
All school supplies will remain in school.
Please label all articles of clothing that your child may take off i.e. sweatshirt, jacket, hat, coat, mittens, and backpack.
 For gym class –Velcro sneakers only (No slip-on, open back or platform sneakers)
Uniform Information, please visit  www.flynnohara.com
     It is not necessary to label crayons, tissue boxes, paper towels,wipes and supplies which will remain in school.
Please note that ALL CHILDREN ENTERING PRE-K  must be toilet trained (no pull ups or diapers).