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Students will expand on skills they already possess as well as acquire new knowledge and skills.  Some of the areas of concentration include: the use of web search engines; data gathering from a variety of web sources; proper citation of web sources in documents; use of Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Students will learn how to code and play the Stock Market Game.
All students will utilize programs and software that encourage proper manipulation of the mouse, cognitive thought and reasoning and basic computer and technology terminology.

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Dear Families,                                                                                                                                                              March 21, 2017

As we approach the end of the second trimester, I wanted to inform you that the kids are keeping very busy in computer class.  The following is a brief description of what we have been working on in each of the classes. 

The Pre-K started the trimester by playing Christmas games.  They built gingerbread houses and decorated Christmas trees. They continued to practice using the mouse and listening to the headphones while they played “Same and Different”, and” Donald’s Froggy Quest”.  They tuned in on finer mouse movements while playing “Cake Topper”. This game requires them to move the cursor back and forth while balancing layers of cake.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day with the Bubble Guppies.  They edited their own plays and had a great time.  We also celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by playing Cat in the Hat Swirly Whirly Pearl Hunt.  The students are really getting comfortable using the computer and are making nice progress.

The Kindergarten continued playing ABC Mouse.  We completed Math and Reading games as well as songs and music.  The kids love to watch the letters music videos. They also make music with an on-line piano.  We read short stories and did some tracing of our name and letters.  As they complete games, they accumulate tickets. We will learn how to spend our tickets next trimester. 

The First grade learned about the environment while playing “Plum Landing”. They learned how to edit parts of a movie while playing “Arthurs Movie Maker”. They changed the music and background of their movies to make the movie more happy or scary.  They learned about food and balanced nutrition while playing “Frizzy’s Lunch Lab”. We also celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by playing The Cat in the Hat games. We ended the trimester by playing “Word World”. This site is an excellent site for early readers.  The children played “Pigs Perfect Pizza”. They had a great time building pizza’s with toppings of beginning word sounds.

The Second Grade also learned about the environment while playing “Plum Landing”.  They made music while making patterns with the Cyber Chase family. They learned about good nutrition and played food games using Frizzy’s Lunch lab. The second grade had lots of fun playing games and watching short videos on The Cat in the Hat. We played the Shamrock Hunt in honor of St. Patrick.

The Third and Fourth grades practiced coding while playing The Hour of Code.  The kids really did a great job and most of them earned a certificate for coding. They learned how to “de-bug” their code and how a loop makes coding easier. We practiced the parts of a friendly letter and typed and printed a friendly letter. We also learned how to save to our flash drives. We concluded the trimester with an introduction to Mathletics.  Mathletics is an on-line common core aligned math game.  The kids engage in math games while competing against each other and other schools. They absolutely love it!!

The fifth grade practiced typing and took a typing test. They practiced coding while playing The Hour of Code.  The kids really did a great job and most of them earned a certificate for coding. Some kids excelled at advanced levels. They learned how to “de-bug” their code and how a loop makes coding easier. I am very proud of them.  They also researched their ecosystems for science class and practiced and competed in Mathletics.

The Sixth Grade practiced their typing and had a typing test. They can type very well and have made huge improvements from last year. We also practiced coding using the Hour of Code. They learned how to use If-Then statements as well as loops to make their code faster and more efficient.  The students were introduced to Blogs and the different types of blogs.  We are writing personal blogs now and will conclude next week.  We will not publish them on-line.

The Seventh Grade researched computer careers. We researched several careers and the students selected one and completed a PowerPoint presentation on their career choice. We presented the projects to the class and it was very interesting to see how many students would make great graphic designers or web developers. They did a great job on the research as well as the advanced animation.  The seventh grade also practiced coding using the Hour of Code. They used advanced computer science techniques such as conditionals and loops to make their code more efficient. We completed the trimester with an introduction to Excel. The students will learn how to create a spreadsheet and make charts.

The Eighth Grade completed their Excel projects and were introduced to the Stock Market Game.  We discussed private verse public companies, how to look up a stock quote and how to read a stock quote. We studied the Hershey chocolate company and discussed what an entrepreneur is.  The students learned about what factors cause stock prices to change. We also spoke about the importance of a diverse portfolio and how to add a mutual fund and a bond to our portfolio. We will continue to compete until 4/28.  

Thanks so much!
Mrs. Iocco