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Students will expand on skills they already possess as well as acquire new knowledge and skills.  Some of the areas of concentration include: the use of web search engines; data gathering from a variety of web sources; proper citation of web sources in documents; use of Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
All students will utilize programs and software that encourage proper manipulation of the mouse, cognitive thought and reasoning (following on screen prompts) and basic computer and technology terminology.

Welcome Back September 2017

Dear Families,

I want to wish you a warm welcome back to a new school year.  I am very excited to be back as your technology teacher.  For those new families, my name is Jeannine Iocco and I teach computer technology to grades PK through 8.  This is my sixth year teaching here at St. Luke School.

I want to give you a general overview of what we will be covering during the year.  In addition, please look for a trimester newsletter to provide you with more details by grade.  With the younger children, our focus will be introducing them to the computer.  We will focus on the mouse and how to use it.  We will play many games to practice using the mouse.  The kindergarten classes will play ABC Mouse for most of the year.  This is a common core based instructional game that I will work with in conjunction with their classroom teachers. As the kids get older, we learn to use the keyboard and a flash drive; we play math games and work on projects with the input of subject teachers.  For example, the Social Studies teacher may be teaching about the explorers. In the computer room we will research explorers and find pictures of them and type a paper on what we researched. They will learn to use Word and we will discuss plagiarism and what it means. Your child will receive a grade in computer class as well as a grade in Social Studies.  The 8th grade will play the Stock Market Game, which has always been very successful. Grades 3-5 will work on Mathletics, which is a common core based Math game. The children can work on activites and compete against one another as well as other schools based on the math that they are learning in math class.  It is a great tool and the kids can play at home too.  I will send home the passwords when we get to that topic. In addition, we will discuss cloud computing, Google applications and many other exciting topics. 

Computer grades are based on 1-4 rubric.  I will be working with the classroom teachers and following the same rubric guidelines as they will be implementing.  However, the kids will not be getting computer homework on a regular basis. They will only have homework if they have a project deadline and they need to complete it.    Everything they hand in will be graded and handed back. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I look forward to a fun and exciting year in the computer room. 

Jeannine Iocco