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Students will expand on skills they already possess as well as acquire new knowledge and skills.  Some of the areas of concentration include: the use of web search engines; data gathering from a variety of web sources; proper citation of web sources in documents; use of Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
All students will utilize programs and software that encourage proper manipulation of the mouse, cognitive thought and reasoning (following on screen prompts) and basic computer and technology terminology.

 St. Luke Technology Newsletter

Dear Families,                                                                                                                                                                                                             December 2017

        Welcome to our December trimester news. Time certainly does fly, as we are just two weeks
from Christmas. I hope you can take a few minutes from this busy season to read our technology
newsletter. I would like you to get a glimpse into what your children have been working hard on
in computer class.

Our Pre-K class was introduced to the computer. Most of them have only been exposed to hand
held devices, so this was a huge step for them. They learned the parts of the computer and we
are paying specific attention to the mouse. They learned how to use the mouse and which button
to use to click. We have been playing many games to practice the “click and drag” function.
Some games we have played are: snowball game, the refrigerator magnet game, building a
house, making a pumpkin, making an ice cream, memory match and the kid’s favorite, making a
pizza. In addition, the children learned that the computer can give them directions as well as
read to them. They used the headphones (which are very big on them) to listen to books and
songs. They also played shapes and colors Bingo. They are very excited to come to computer
class each week. Be sure to ask them about it, they will give you all the fun details.

Our kindergarten class began with a review of the computers parts. We also discussed being safe
on the Internet and how to visit places safely in our on-line neighborhood. We began to use
ABC Mouse, which many of the children are very familiar with. It is a kindergarten based
curriculum that includes games, books, songs, phonics and much more. The kids earn tickets as
they complete activities and can use the tickets to buy certain things such as pets or toys. They
are having fun with it and we will continue to use ABC Mouse into the next trimester.

The first grade jumped right back into the routine. We reviewed the parts of the computer and
spoke about how to use the internet safely. We had a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo,
which the kids loved. We were able to see the animals in their habitats via a web cam feed from
the zoo. We played many games to practice our computer skills; some of these include the
shapes construction game and site word bingo. We also carved pumpkins on Halloween (on the
computer of course). The students learned about dinosaur fossils and types of dinosaurs using the
Dinosaur Train field guide. They love investigating new ideas with Sid the Science Kid. The kids
are making excellent progress.

Second grade began the trimester by reviewing the parts of the computer and discussing
computer and internet safety. We also spoke about private information and to never share
passwords or private family information on the computer. We completed our discussion with
cyber bullying and how our words can hurt our friends. We took a virtual field trip to the San
Diego Zoo; we saw many animals in their habitats through the web cams at the zoo. The kids
loved this. We began to learn the keyboard and practiced our typing while playing different
typing games such as Keyboarding Zoo and Jump Keys. We ended our typing practice by typing
a story and making a digital drawing that corresponds to the story. The kids were super excited to
print out their stories and bring them home.

The third grade reviewed the parts of the computer; we also discussed how to be a good digital
citizen, what is private information and how we keep our information private on the computer.
The children learned the power of words and how they can hurt others. We learned the difference
between bullying and cyber bullying. We began to learn how to use the computer to do research.
As a class, we researched information using Google. We began to learn the keyboard and how to
type. The kids didn’t realize that it’s not so easy to remember where the keys are on the
keyboard. They played Dance Mat typing, which is an interactive keyboarding lesson to assist
them. They took a practice typing test to see how accurate they are. After Christmas we will
play Mathletics. This is a math game that is tied into the common core. The students practice
math games and activities that they are learning about in class. We will be playing Mathletics on
and off throughout the year. They can even play at home and compete against one another.
They have the ability to earn awards based on how much they play.

The fourth grade started the trimester off by reviewing the parts of the computer. The students
learned how to do research by using Google and they took notes on important science facts.
Then we began our discussion on cyber bullying, private and personal information and how to be
safe on the internet. We began learning how to type by playing different typing games. We
discussed the home row, posture and hand placement. The students ended the trimester by doing
a practice typing test to see how much they have learned.

The fifth grade discussed digital safety. We learned new vocabulary words about internet safety.
We also watched cyber bullying examples on common sense media. They worked in groups and
performed a cyber bullying skit, which was a lot of fun. The students used Google to learn how
to do research. The students learned how to type and used the keyboarding website to learn the
proper finger placement on the home rows. They are making great progress!

The sixth and seventh graders spoke about digital media and how it is changing over the years.
We spoke about their digital lives and how much or how little time they are allowed on devices.
We spoke at length about cyber bullying, on-line scams and schemes and how to be a good
digital citizen. The sixth grade used Google Docs to write a cyber bullying essay on what they
learned in class. The seventh grade teamed up and created posters about what we learned in
class. Feel free to stop by the computer room. They are posted outside. Both grades created
short skits on cyber bullying and we acted them out in class. The seventh grade researched
computer careers and are creating PowerPoint presentations on their career choice. When this
project is complete, the students will present their work to the class. They all liked the fact that a
job in the computer field can earn them a big paycheck! The sixth grade ended the trimester with
typing practice.

The eighth grade started with a detailed discussion about internet safety and being a good digital
citizen. We shared stories and spoke about being good examples for the rest of the school. We
worked in teams and created cyber bullying skits. We presented them for each other and the kids
had a great time doing this and learned a great deal from each other. They also worked on cyber
bullying essays and they are hanging outside the computer room. We discussed the benefits of
using Google Docs and compared them to Microsoft Word. The students will begin the new
trimester learning how to use Excel and how to code! We will use the Hour of Code to introduce
the students to coding and how to think logically to create on-line games.

I hope this letter provided a bit of insight into what we are doing in the computer room. I wish
you and your families a very Merry Christmas and all the best for good health and happiness in
the New Year!!

Mrs. Iocco