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The Plays We'll Make This Year

PE Sport Of The Month Health & Wellness
September - Team Building
 October - Soccer  
November - Football
 December - Basketball
 January - Hockey 
February - Laxrosse
 March - Lifetime Sports
April - Baseball/Softball
May - Track & Field
June - Summer Sport Surprise
> Whole Person Development
    - Academic / Mental
    - Athletic / Physical
    - Social / Moral
    - Spiritual


Grading Policy
Students will be graded for both physical and health education classes. They will earn a grade at the end of each trimester based on their skill progression, written assignments, participation, and class expectations.  

Grading Criteria
Students are graded on the following criteria:
(As stated in the PE & Health Agreement)

1. Skills Progression                                              40%
2. Written Assessments                                         10%
3. Effort and Participation                                      20%
4. Behavior, Expectations, & Sportsmanship             30%

Physical Education Grading System For Grades N and PK
Students will receive a grade of:
4 = Advanced 
3 = Moderate 
2 = Developing
1 = Beginning

Physical Education & Health Grading System For Grades K-8

Students will receive a grade of 1-4:

4 = The student demonstrates advanced levels of understanding and progression in physical and health education.

3 = The student demonstrates moderate levels of understanding and progression in physical and health education.

2 = The student demonstrates developing levels of understanding and progression in physical and health education.

1= The student demonstrates beginning levels of understanding and progression in physical and health education.

Grading on Option C:
4 = 100
3 = 90
2 = 80
1 = 70

School Fitness Fun:

For each trimester there will be a new fitness challenge for all students at St. Luke.At the beginning of the class, students will have a few minutes to increase their points. Each grade level will be calculated together for the challenge to see which grade will win.  


Fitness Assesment Rubric for Grades K to 3rd
Students are assesed in their fitness skills each trimester to show progression throughout the school year.

Skill Assessed 1 = 70 2 = 80 3 = 90 4 = 100
Run •Limited or no flight
• Limited arm use
• Runs side to side
• Limited flight
•Arms move loosely  
• Lacks pattern consistency
• Mature pattern emerging
• Arms move in opposition to legs
•Good stride length
• Momentary flight
• Consistent rhythmic movement of arms and legs
Jump • Poor execution
• Poor coordination • Inconsistent to accomplish task
• No forward lean with coordination
•Labored movement
•Moves inconsistent

• Big forward lean
• Use of arms to jump
• Slightly inconsistent
• Absorbs contact most of the time
•Good coordination
• Slight forward lean
• Good preparation
• Body absorbs impact in landing
Skip • Needs demonstration
• Torso sideways
• Limited flight
• Can do only 1 or 2

• Pattern breaks down after 2 or 3x
• Moves mechanical
• Pattern resembles more of a slide

• Step consistent with torso movement
• Limited use of arms
• Pattern lacks smooth rhythm
•Steps with lead foot
•Body straight
•Brief flight periods
• Arms are carried at waist with support of movement
Hop • Stops several times
• Big forward lean
• Excessive amount of time to finish
•Feet apart
• lacks balance & pattern consistency
• Flat footed
• Feet come apart mid stream
• Poor landing
• Hopping flat footed
•Lacks body control
•Hesitant movement
• Feet remain together with a slight forward lean
• Elbows flexed side
Crab Walk •Hands and feet used to slide body
•Bottom remains on the floor
•Hands and feet lift body for a few steps
•Bottom touches floor 3x
•Hands and feet moving together at a hesitant pace
•Bottom off floor
• Hands and feet moving forward in a consistent motion
•Bottom off floor
Bounce The ball is pushed or thrown without control; does not make clear bounce and catch motion. Student pushes ball with one hand, without full arm extension, and does not catch ball. Student pushes ball downward using both hands, extends arms slightly, and catches ball with Student pushes ball downward using both hands with extended arms and catches the ball.
Catch Student misses without attempting to catch Student attempts to catch ball but misses Ball is trapped by arms or between hands and body Ball is caught and controlled by the hands
Throw-Under Student throws the bean bag overhead or in side motion Student does not swing arm back or releases above waist Student has correct swinging motion but the bean bag does not hit target Bean bag hits target, arm swings downward-back and up to release at waist
Throw-Over Bean bag does not reach target Bean bag hits the target, no arm rotation or incorrect Bean bag hits target, but student lacks arm extension in throw Bean bag strikes target within the boundaries, with  complete rotation
Kick-stationary ball Ball does not reach wall or student attempts but does not make contact Ball hits wall but misses the target, no leg swing Ball does not hit target, student has proper back and forward swing Ball hits target within boundaries and shows proper leg swing form


4th to 8th Grade Fitness:

The 4th through 8th grade students complete a Team Fitness Challenge each trimester. In teams the students track eachother's exercise total for 1 minute per exercise. The exercises preformed are: Jumping Jacks, Squat Thrusts, Partner Planks, and Partner Sit-ups.