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"The only thing you absolutely must know, is the location of the library."

-Albert Einstein

Recently, the School Library underwent a huge transformation.  It is now a vibrant learning space filled with up to date reading materials and technology.  A SmartBoard has been donated as well as twenty-five Kindles for use by the students.   Over 9,000 books have been logged into the Destiny-Follett library system.  All students in the school are permitted to take books out of the Library. 


All classes in grades Nursery through Eighth have library class on a regular basis. The class is intended to expose the students to the joys of reading from an early age and develop them as competent and confidant readers and researchers. 


In the upper grades, children are given subject related assignments to complete by using the wealth of information found in our school library. These assignments will be completed by the students during library and then graded by their subject teacher. In addition, all students are encouraged to pursue their own interests when choosing their personal book selections and are guided to stay within their current reading level. It is with great hope and enthusiasm that all of our students come to love the library.


A web page for our School Library has also been set up.  To find out if our Library has a book that your child needs, you can access the system by going to (See instructions below)

Scroll down to Queens schools and click on St. Luke School.

Once on the St. Luke School  library home page, click Catalog in the top left corner.

After entering a title, you can  click one search in the top right corner to find related websites

You do not need to log in.


Contact, Concerns or Questions, please email Ms. Barry (