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More information about our art program is coming soon!

art classArt should be a fun class where students are able to express themselves with their imagination.  The students will learn about Art historical events, famous artists, different techniques and learn the principles of Art.
            The Art curriculum will have each student develop new artistic ideas.  Students will interpret artistic work.  They will understand how the arts have meaning.  Lastly, the students will relate artistic ideas with personal meaning.
            In the lower grades we will learn the basic Art techniques – color theory, painting, watercolor techniques, etc.  The students will study Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, Claude Monet, etc.
            The upper grades will learn more involved projects, techniques and materials.  This includes color theory, perspective, still life drawing, etc.  Artists studied will be Georgia O’Keefe, Op Artists, Georges Seurat, etc.
            Each week an artist of the week will be chosen by the Art teacher from a project that each student may voluntarily submit from home.  There will also be centers in the classroom for all students to enjoy.  Examples:  painting, sculpture, etc.
            In the spring an Art Show will be held for the parents/guardians to enjoy. 
The Rubric For Art
4 – The student works independently.  The craftsmanship is excellent.  The student works to the best of ability and excels on projects.  The student behaves in an appropriate manner.  The student followed the guidelines and expectations of the teacher.
3 – The student showed effort and the project was neat but showed 1 or 2 mistakes with project.  The student did not use the materials correctly.
2 – The student did not follow all of the project directions and had 3 or more mistakes.  The student did not use the materials correctly.
1 – The student did not follow the artist technique by the teacher.  The student did not use the medium correctly or did not submit work on time.