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Recently the School Library underwent a huge transformation.  It is now a vibrant learning space filled with up to date reading materials and technology.  A SmartBoard has been donated as well as twenty-five Kindles for use by the students.   Over 9,000 books have been logged into the Destiny-Follett library system.  All students in the school are permitted to take books out of the Library. 

A web page for our School Library has also been set up.  To find out if our Library has a book that your child needs, you can access the system by going to http://library.nycenet.edu/
(See instructions below)

Scroll down to Queens schools and click on St. Luke School .
Once on the St. Luke School  library home page, click Catalog in the top left corner.

After entering a title, you can  click one search in the top right corner to find related websites

You do not need to log in.