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8th Grade

Ms. Sa & Mrs. Volpe

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The Pies and Cakes are Being Delivered on

Wednesday November 15th!

Dear Parents - If you ordered pies or cakes from the Broadway Café fundraiser in October, your order will be arriving tomorrow. Please note that all orders must be picked up and taken home by 3pm tomorrow. The pies are arriving frozen and cannot be stored in the school beyond 3pm. Please make arrangements to pick up your orders which will be available at Mrs. Angotti’s desk between 12-3pm.

Thank you!

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Great reasons to order from Square One Art:

Your child will feel like an “accomplished artist”

Saint Luke School earns a profit from every order

You will receive a sheet of stickers with an imprint of your child’s work

Personalized Products make perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends!

          Personalized catalogs will be coming home soon!

Check Eenvelope for more details! Thank you!


A large amount of students have not had an independent reading book with them in school. 

*All students must have an independent reading book with them in school at all times.

If a student finishes a novel, they must have a new one to read.

It is every students responsibility to ensure that their independent reading book

is placed in their back pack and not forgotten or left at home.*


Graduation Pictures - Friday, November 17th - 

WEAR - Boys: White Dress Shirt and Girls: Light-Colored, Open Neck Blouse


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Junior High Grading Policies

*Please note that we will NOT be offering extra credit.

6th through 8th Math & ELA: Tests - 50%, Quizzes/Classwork/Projects - 30%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10%

6th through 8th Social Studies: Assessments - 80%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10%

6th through 8th Science: Tests - 50%, Labs - 20%, Quizzes/Classwork/Projects - 10%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10%

6th through 8th Religion: Tests - 60%, Quizzes/Classwork/Projects - 20%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10%

6th through 8th Spanish: Assessments - 80%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10%




  • See Google Classroom for HW


  • All students MUST have a book to read with them at all times. This will be used as their independent reading book and must be kept in their schoolbag. Students will read this book whenever there is down time or if they finish a task early. Students will be required to submit a short assignment on the book when they have completed each independent book.



Please study and practice every night!       

I am available on Friday mornings at 7:45 AM for extra help.  This is by invitation only.    

See GOOGLE CLASSROOM for homework, announcements and assignments

To log on to the ONLINE Textbook, go to the 7th grade webpage, log on as a 7th grader.  Once you are logged in, click the "drop-down" arrow on the upper right hand side and click 8th Grade.  If you any questions, please contact Mrs. Sangiovanni at 

Social Studies

See Google Classroom


See Google Classroom for tonight's homework







Assessment (18 Points) on Tuesday, 11/21/17. This is a skill review assessment of the verb tener conjugations for all the subject pronouns (yo, tú, él, ella, usted, nosotros, ellos, ellas, ustedes).

All announcements and projects will now be accessible only through Google Classroom.   

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TAC All announcements and projects will now be accessible only through Google Classroom.