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Mrs. Bonvento & Mrs. Sangiovanni

All Junior High Students are to have an independent book to read at all times.
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Great reasons to order from Square One Art:

Your child will feel like an “accomplished artist”
Saint Luke School earns a profit from every order
You will receive a sheet of stickers with an imprint of your child’s work
Personalized Products make perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends!
          Personalized catalogs will be coming home soon!
Check Eenvelope for more details!
Thank you!

Please join us for our 6th Parent Event


When:  Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Time:  9:00 am to 9:40 am

Place: St Luke Cafeteria

You’re invited to come on a tour of Ancient Egyptian pyramids, symmetric art, and hieroglyphics.  Learn about Egyptian history, symmetric designs, pyramids and writing with hieroglyphic letters and numbers.


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Bonvento at or Mrs. Sangiovanni at


6.1 - Black pants and plain red, green, or gold long sleeve tee shirts with a contrasting color scarf (no logos)

6.2 - Warm (school and weather appropriate ) Christmas party attire


 ***Junior High Grading Policies*** 

 Math & ELA:  Tests - 50%, Quizzes/Classwork/projects - 30%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10% 
Social Studies:  Assessments - 80%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10%

Science:  Tests - 50%, Labs - 20%, Quizzes/Projects/Classwork - 10%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10%
Religion:  Tests - 60%, Quizzes/Classwork/Projects - 20%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10%
Spanish:  Assessments - 80%, Homework - 10%, Effort - 10%

*Please note that extra credit will NOT be given*

Textbook &  Resources

Click on book to 
login to

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State: New York
District: Diocese of Brooklyn
St Luke, Whitestone

Username: 6math
Password: student
Click the 
“My Library” tab

   S.S. textbook



click:  Log In

Redemption Code: 4ODVE62BRQ60

Science Textbook

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Username:  First Initial of the Child's First Name and the Complete Last Name

Password:  stluke01




See Google Classroom for tonight's homework

Please be sure to have your Tale of Despereaux book in class with you each day. They are to remain in the ziploc bags you put them in today.


Study and Practice the multiplication facts/tables.  Drills will begin next week.


Extra Help will be on Monday mornings at 7:45 AM .  This is by invitation only.

  See Google Classroom for Homework Assignments

Social Studies

 HW: Write a 1 page narrative (2-3 paragraphs) explaining the visual project. *Final Draft - due Thurs -11/16.

I will be available on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 7:45AM for extra help. This is by invitation only




Study for quiz  tomorrow. 


See Google Classroom for homework


All announcements and projects will now be accessible only through Google Classroom.   




All announcements and projects will now be accessible only through Google Classroom.   

Click Here for Quizlet