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Mrs. Pokorny & Ms. Rodriguez



November 17, 2017


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November Birthdays!!!

Joseph M - 6th 


November Orders are closed 

Flyers will be given out in class. Online flyers are available at the link:

Use this link for orders. Our class code is GWFT7.  
Orders are given to Mrs. Pokorny in Room 210



All 5th graders should be able to log onto their St. Luke's gmail accounts. If there are any issues, please email Ms. Rodriguez. 5th graders will soon be required to log onto these accounts at home.


  • Computer -  Tuesday 
  • Gym - Wednesday 
  • Art - Wednesday 
  • Music - Thursday 
  • Library - Every other Friday 


Click here for the library welcome letter!

Square 1 Art

Great reasons to order from Square One Art:

Your child will feel like an “accomplished artist”

Saint Luke School earns a profit from every order

You will receive a sheet of stickers with an imprint of your child’s work

Personalized Products make perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends!

          Personalized catalogs will be coming home soon!

Check Eenvelope for more details!


Thank you!


Teacher Contact Information:
Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. If there is an urgent matter, you may contact the school.
Do not use Class Dojo to contact teachers.

Mrs. Elsasser
Ms. Caridi
Mrs. Pokorny
Ms. Rodriguez


Click Logo

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Username:  First Initial of the Child's First Name and the Full Last Name

Password:  stluke01

Click Logo
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Hit Enter

Click on etext on top right 

Click Logo 

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Log in:

Username: 5student

Password: luke5  

Click   "My Library" 



Reading/Language Arts:  

1132544ELA Resources

  • Chapter 4-6 Assessment
  • Will be graded

Grading policy:
80% Assessments
10% Homework
10% Behavior/Participation


Estimate, then solve the problems we copied into our notebooks:


  1. 23.76 + 405.2

  2. 2,987.01 - 56.009

  3. 502.754 + 321.2

  4. 3.19 + 6.098 + 26.7

  5. 8.7 - 4.97

  6. 32.01 - 21.6

  7. 4.102 + 6.94

  8. 8.037 + 1.9

  9. 10.6 - 7.2

  10. 0.234 + 10.7 + 1.002

Students MUST have work shown for their homework. If they do not, they will receive an incomplete.

Homework is posted in Google Classroom, and after Thanksgiving homework will exclusively be posted in Google Classroom. Please be sure that students can log onto Google Classroom at home. 

To see everything we did in class, please click the link below to visit our Class Resources site:


Please be aware that due to my obligations after school that notes will not always be posted immediately at dismissal (although I make the best effort to do so). Notes will generally be posted by 5pm if we have had Math class that day.

Social Studies

SS Resources Click Here 


Tuesday, November 21- Chapter 1 Lessons 2 & 3 Test - study voc, notes in NB, Tribes at a Glance sheet, homework questions, look over pages in textbook 

Christmas Around the World Info Sheet Due November 28th 



Tonight's homework:   

Due Monday, Nov. 20th,   Family Trait Chart!

Interactive Science notebook:  Click HERE 

Science Resources:  Click HERE

TAC Log onto Google Classroom and mark the assignment as "done."



  The school administration and the classroom teachers are aware of parental concerns regarding heavy backpacks.  We are making efforts to coordinate the home use of the heavier textbooks as well as workbooks in case a replacement is needed.  One option for parents is to purchase books to keep at home.  Some websites that sell new and used books are Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ecampus.

Subject Title Publisher ISBN # Copyright
Math Go Math! Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 978-547-58781-3 2012
Religion We Believe Sadlier    
Science Science Fusion Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 978-0-544-78294-5 2017
Social Studies  MyWorld  Pearson 978-0-328-63929-8 2013