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An Excel School

St. Luke School Touches Technology and Brings the Past, Present and Future to the Classroom Experience

St. Luke School, was recently chosen from more than 100 Catholic schools by the Diocese of Brooklyn, to receive a $50,000 technology grant. The grant, called The EXCEL Program, provided us the opportunity to equip every classroom with an interactive whiteboard, thus bringing the learning experience of our students to a global level.  The interactive whiteboard virtually allows every child to have a computer, but is even better than that, because all learners at all levels and learning styles share in the learning experiences together in an interactive, engaging way.  These boards can interface with various software programs as well as the Internet.  The children are very drawn to the engaging lessons interactive whiteboards can provide.   

Our school has done even more than that. TAC (Tecnology Across the Curriculum) Class is being taught to the students in grades 5-8.  All students have use of a laptop for their lessons.  This class is meant to digitally enhance the students knowledge of Math, Science, Social Studies and ELA.  

Throughout the grade levels, all classes have full access to videos from Discovery Education, Brain Pop, and Book Flix.  These videos are curriculum based and target all subject areas at all grade levels. Much of these videos also include engaging activities or thought provoking activity ideas.  They also include interactive quizzes that the children are eager to address.  Can you imagine children being excited over taking a quiz?  

That is what is happening in our school every day—children who are happy and eager to learn and assess their own learning!