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About Us

St. Luke School is a Catholic institution of learning fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. St. Luke’s, by its very nature and purpose, provides a Catholic atmosphere that nurtures the growth and development of the whole person: intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

The faculty, in cooperation with the parents, endeavor to correlate moral and spiritual values with the day to day living of the faith life of the child.  Daily religious instruction and prayer, together with participation in liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations and the regular reception of the sacraments, are an integral part of each student’s life.  The experience of Christian Community leads naturally to service.  The students are encouraged to participate in service projects throughout the year.  

St. Luke School holds membership in the National Catholic Education Association. Our school is part of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens and is subject to and bound by the general policies of the Diocese.  Located in the Borough of Queens, St. Luke’s School complies with the regulations and requirements of the New York State Education Department.

Students enrolled in St. Luke enjoy a structured yet flexible learning environment.  Through a program of basic academic skills, the students are encouraged to develop their talents and to achieve their optimum level of performance so that they will continue to reach higher levels of learning.  The school offers a well-ordered curriculum of studies that include Religion, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, TAC (Technology Across the Curriculum), Spanish, Physical Education,  Music, Library, and Computer Education.


St. Luke School

Established 1910

Celebrating 100+ Years of Excellence in Catholic Education

As we learn early on in our education, the beginning of every story is significant. The beginning lays the foundation and the groundwork and without it, the story would not be able to unfold. Our story began over 100 years ago in the basement of St. Luke Church. The strong desire of our parishioners to create a Catholic school for their children, to learn the beliefs of Catholicism, allowed our school to become what it is today.

For 100+ years, St. Luke School has remained dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of the whole student: intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our mission is to continue to acknowledge our obligation to guide our children in the manner called for by Christ in His Gospel, educating the whole person; body, mind and spirit, for his/her eternal community.

Here's to another 100+ years for St. Luke School to continue its amazing story! 


is the reason for our school. He is Our Master, Our Lord and Our Savior. In his gospel, the deepest and most profound wisdom the world has ever known, we find the purpose of our lives. In the light of that gospel the clergy of our parish, the principal, the teachers and the auxiliary staff strive to serve our families by imparting to our children the finest possible education, and a formation for life deeply grounded in the priceless gift of our Roman Catholic Tradition.  Saint Luke Catholic School, since 1910 drawing upon a tradition of two thousand years. And looking forward into eternity.


Saint Luke School acknowledges its obligation and intention to guide our children in the manner called for by Christ in His Gospel, educating the whole person; body, mind and spirit, for his/her eternal community. It is the community of staff, teachers, administrator, pastor and parents, who are all involved in the education of our children.



St. Luke School
16-01 150th Place
Whitestone, NY 11357

Phone:  718-746-3833
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